Pet Travel Costs Soar for Families Moving Abroad

Two small dogs costs go up from £1,143 to £5,118

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The BBC reports online that families moving abroad say they are shocked and devastated they may have to leave pets behind after animal travel costs were hiked, quoting one cargo company which handles pet transfers for some major airlines, raising prices from 1 March on select routes.

They quote one pet-loving traveller, whose family is moving back to the US from the UK, who saw the price to ship her two small dogs jump from £1,143 to £5,118. The cargo company concerned is a sister company to British Airways, Aer Lingus and Vueling, IAG Cargo is seen as a key provider when it comes to transferring pets, particularly between the US and UK.

The pet travel price changes apply to anyone using IAG Cargo to move their animals on certain routes. The shipping firm is often used by military personnel to take their pets abroad when their role is relocated.

Under its current policy, IAG Cargo will only accept a booking for a pet transfer up to six weeks before the flight – it then confirms the space has been requested and “pencilled in”. About two weeks before, once the planes have been scheduled on that route, the booking is confirmed and the price is locked in.

The family cited by the BBC had initially received a quote for the journey from London to Baltimore at £1,143 for both dogs. The price has now jumped to £5,118, without administration fees or those for the agency she is using to arrange the cargo shipment.

Pet Travel Costs Soar for Families Moving Abroad 1

Thanks to PeterA for the link. Full story here.

Great Matt cartoon in the Telegraph a couple of days ago:

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