North Sea drags in 18 people taking Selfies

Camacha robberies cause great concern

Selfies drag 18 into the North Sea

The front page highlights what the newspaper describes as “overwhelming numbers”. The North Sea dragged 18 people in whilst taking selfies. Last year, four people died after being caught by waves in the north of the island. Another 14 were rescued. To JM, Ângelo Abreu, from SANAS, whose mission is to safeguard lives at sea throughout the Region, criticizes the “inconceivable actions” of tourists who “ignore warnings and warning tapes”.

The Social Democrats left the São Lourenço Palace last week during the much-publicised round of meetings with the representative of the Republic, Ireneu Barreto, hoping to form a new Executive and tried to justify that the regional budget was not approved due to motions of censure from the PS (Socialist) and Chega (Right wing Populist) parties. According to JM, Barreto was not completely convinced and described clear signs of divergence between the PSD and the Republic at their official residence in Funchal.

Camacha robberies cause great concern

Insecurity also gains importance in this morning’s edition of JM. Camacha is described as “outraged” by two more robberies. 48 hours after a vigil that warned about the lack of security, two establishments were robbed again. Residents are already talking about “popular justice”.

Yesterday the local TV station also focussed on the wave of robberies that continues to hit Camacha. Two more commercial establishments were robbed this evening – thefts that took place after last Friday’s vigil, in the centre of the parish, which brought together more than a hundred residents.  

After several robberies and complaints from the population, Ricardo Vasconcelos regrets that the criminals remain at large. The local authorities say the wave of robberies cannot continue.

Parish priest joined the vigil

North Sea drags in 18 people taking Selfies 1

Earlier in the week, several hundred people gathered at Largo da Achada, in Camacha, in a vigil whose watchword was greater security. The president of the Parish Council, Ricardo Vasconcelos, present on the occasion, highlighted that “the vigil is an alert to the concern of the people of Camacha”, who demand more patrolling by the PSP.

Pedro Fernandes highlighted that “we know that the Chamber is working as hard as possible to recover the night guard”, which is also a goal of the inhabitants of this parish, which in recent years has faced a huge wave of robberies.

Ricardo Vasconcelos, promoter of the vigil, gave an example of one of the robberies to demonstrate the total impunity of the robbers. The president of the local Casa do Povo, recently saw his house being targeted, explaining that the population is alarmed and concerned about the situation, but is also “incredulous at the climate of impunity, as, despite the complaints, nothing happens”.

Lamenting that “the population is outraged by this impunity”, Vasconcelos adds that the alleged thieves “are always the same, they are identified by the population and the authorities”. Therefore, he states that “it is not acceptable for the parish to live in chaos. It is not acceptable for people to live in fear.”

And it is also with fear that Father Óscar Andrade lives, who over these four years in the parish has been the victim, several times, of these robbers. Not even the Church’s alms box could resist the fury of the thieves, despite the alarms and even the dogs. Therefore, the parish priest joined this vigil, for more security, more policing and more attention from those in authority.

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  1. Well in relation to people not respecting the signals do not go near of certain areas because is being under maintenance or it is danger area this people should be fined was simple was that . In relation to the concern of the local people of Camacha they should add more police in the area and also put some security cameras in the area and more light in the streets for people fell more secure when going out.


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