More Asian workers in Madeira

Indians now in the “Top 10”

More Asian workers in Madeira is making headlines locally this morning

There are more and more Asian workers in the regional market according to JM this morning. The choices have been, above all, for restoration and civil construction.

The phenomenon is new, but employers and unions guarantee the newspaper that they intend to utilise this increase which serves the purpose of filling the lack of local workers in the labour market

The subject of new workers makes today’s headline today in JM, where it is also mentioned that Indians are now on the list of the 10 most represented nationalities in Madeira. The presence of that part of the globe is also represented by the citizens of Nepal and Pakistan.

But the dominant photo on today’s cover is dedicated to the ruins of Calhau de São Jorge. A place with history and a landscape capable of creating photographs that span the planet. YouTube video below:

More Asian workers in Madeira 1

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14 thoughts on “More Asian workers in Madeira”

  1. I don’t mind them coming to the island the only problem that I have is they should learn the language and respect the cultural and costumes of the Portuguese people and not impose their cultural and believes in country that is receiving them . And this reason of this need for them learn the language is very important for them integrate in society and respect the cultural and costumes and not live in segregation .

      • Over the last two years I have met two hardworking, that’s from their fellow workers, Brazilian young ladies, two Venezuelan waiters doing superb jobs, and a young Vietnamese chef. Meanwhile my favourite restaurant has just taken on a very personable young Madeiran waiter. Am I just lucky in meeting these people or is it because I don’t purposely look for a downside to anyone outside the norm.

  2. And what happen in UK years ago with this Asian becoming closed communities without making a effort to learn the language and respect their culture and costumes and complete segregation leading to a lot of problems between the local community the same is starting to happen in mainland Portugal also some of them not making a single effort to learn the language to integrate at all .

  3. Young individuals are leaving due to crappy salaries in Madeira, and their vacancies are being filled by migrants from developing countries. What could go wrong?

    One reason our family chose Madeira was to avoid dealing with low-quality cultures seen in most parts of the EU, attributed to the influx of Muslims and people from 3rd-world countries. The question is whether Madeira will also witness a ‘white flight’ due to problems that these replacements will bring.

  4. Howard, so you’re happy to use the phrase, low quality cultures attributed to the influx of Muslims and people from to third world cultures. Perhaps a little racist. Or perhaps just a little superior?


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