Marine litter

Students in a “debate for the environment”

Marine litter debate

Marine litter was the central topic of a debate that took place this Tuesday at the Escola Básica e Secundária Padre Manuel Álvares, in Ribeira Brava, according to a Diario report. 

‘Debate for the environment – ​​Marine Litter’ was an initiative promoted within the scope of the ‘Mare Nostrum’ project, at that educational establishment. The recipients of this action were 12th-year students, with the collaboration of the Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds (SPEA).

“On the occasion, marine biologist Tiago Dias, marine conservation technician at SPEA, made an introduction to the theme of marine pollution and its impact on biodiversity and human health, outlining a review of the work that has been carried out by that NGO in the Region, particularly with regard to the protection of Madeira’s marine birdlife, particularly species such as the Black Alma, the Shearwater, the Calcamar, the Freira-da-Madeira, the Freira-do-Bugio or the Roque-de-Castro”, according to a press release sent to the newsrooms.

Students in Debate for the Environment

The students assumed the role of political decision-makers and representatives of environmental organizations, representatives of the business sector and representatives of the community, having, in this condition, to present the best arguments to defend their position in a given framework related to marine litter. The outcome was:

“Despite the multiple divergences observed between the different factions in contention, it is always possible to create consensus and synergies in favour of sustainability, with common sense and good will in defending common well-being, always taking into account the three main pillars of sustainability and its interdependence: economy, society and environment, certain that any development that neglects one of these factors is doomed to failure”

Escola Básica e Secundária Padre Manuel Álvares, in Ribeira Brava

A great initiative, to be encouraged!

Marine litter 1

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