Madeira Tourism Showcases Island’s Best at Lisbon Tourism Exchange

Lisbon Tourism Exchange (BTL)

Madeira is once again present on the Lisbon Tourism Exchange (BTL), with the aim of making the country and the world aware of the best the region has to offer. To this end, Madeira Tourism will have its own stand, similar to what has happened in recent years. The largest tourism fair held in Portugal takes place between today and next Sunday, in what is its 34th edition.

In this space dedicated to Madeira and Porto Santo, measuring around 500 square metres, located in pavilion 1 of the Lisbon International Fair (FIL), various experiences will be provided, transporting those present to the island reality, making them want to discover everything the archipelago.

Nature, gastronomy, tradition and culture will be some of the assets highlighted in this participation by Turismo da Madeira, “elements that will be enhanced using cutting-edge technology” according to the press release.

At the Region stand and at the BTL venue there will be several daily presentations that will seek to take visitors to experience “Madeira in its entirety”. Daily conversations are planned between personalities from the field of Tourism and other sectors, various workshops, gastronomic moments, wine tastings, musical ‘show cases’, among other initiatives.

Cape Verde is the invited international destination of this year’s edition while the Azores is the featured national destination.

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