Lawyer accused of defrauding clients

Operation Zarco: coercive measures announced today

A lawyer has been accused of 'frauding' clients out of half a million euros, making headlines in the press

The news that makes the headline of this (Ash) Wednesday’s edition reveals that a lawyer has been accused of ‘frauding’ clients out of half a million euros. The injured parties were Germans and North Americans who wanted to buy houses in Madeira. The lawyer will be tried on April 4th and is currently unable to practice his profession.

The Diario also highlights a doctor who died with circumstances that are yet to be clarified. Also, they report on the body of a 37-year-old man found in the middle of a public street, after a taxi ride that would take him home to Pilar (Funchal). The driver will have abandoned the customer on the ride.

The Diario also reports on Carnival Tuesday being overshadowed in Seixal by the death of a fisherman inside his own boat, leaving the village in mourning – already reported in the previous post.

Coercive measures announced today in Operation Zarco

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This Wednesday, February 14th, the coercive measures applied to Pedro Calado, Avelino Farinha and Custódio Correia should be known, within the scope of the Operation Zarco judicial process in which they are involved, due to suspicions of corruption in some public works contracts in Madeira .

The defendants have been detained for 22 days and, after the first interrogation was initially postponed several times, this procedure was completed last week, followed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which requested preventive detention (a more serious measure) for the three defendants, and the defence’s allegations.

Nominated for the Business Excellence Awards 2024

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  1. Year after year Portugal has the highest rate of crime in the EU. Not what we regard as crime, stabbings, murder etc. but this fraudulent activity….! We have all been victims and it is such a sad reflection on an otherwise fantastic country!


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