Jardim Calls for Complaint in ECHR Over Lengthy Detention

Jardim Calls for Complaint in ECHR Over Lengthy Detention 1

Following on from the previous post, Former president Alberto João Jardim got involved again when it became clear that the coercive measures of the three detained as part of the investigation into suspected corruption in Madeira, including the former mayor of Funchal Pedro Calado, will not be known until next Wednesday, a judicial official said today.

The information was given to journalists who are at the Central Criminal Investigation Court, at the Justice Campus, in Lisbon, where the interrogations of the three detainees took place.

According to the same source, the session where the coercive measures will be announced was scheduled for 3pm on Wednesday. On that day it will be three weeks since the three defendants were detained in Funchal.

Jardim demands complaint in ECHR

Alberto João Jardim

The former president of the Regional Government, Alberto João Jardim, defended today that a complaint be filed with the European Court of Human Rights, regarding the length of detention of Pedro Calado, former president of the Funchal City Council, and businessmen Avelino Farinha and Custódio Correia , which have not yet seen any coercive measures.

Detained for more than two weeks in Lisbon, it is time for the defendants’ lawyers to “file a complaint against the Portuguese State at the European Court of Human Rights”, mentioned Alberto João Jardim, speaking to RTP-Madeira.

Jardim highlights that Portugal is one of the European states “most condemned” by the aforementioned court for “violation of fundamental rights” and points out that, “for many years, in the Assembly of the Republic, at least the PSD wanted to carry out a profound reform of the judicial system”, but “the pseudo-left parties have always opposed changes to the judicial system, and now we have these abuses”.

On the other hand, and addressing the political crisis installed in Madeira, the former president of the Madeiran executive says that João Cunha e Silva, president of the PSD/M Congress Bureau, should have already called an extraordinary congress of the party, “especially because This is giving the current PSD agents a bad impression.”

“It gives the impression that they are enduring a situation so that if there are early elections, this Political Commission will still nominate or self-nominate the candidates again”, which would then be “a total disaster for the PSD”, in the assessment of Garden.

Jardim Calls for Complaint in ECHR Over Lengthy Detention 3

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Jardim Calls for Complaint in ECHR Over Lengthy Detention 5

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