Government can last 6 months

… with Albuquerque remaining until new elections

Government can last 6 months... reported in JM

The parliamentary majority wants to convince the Representative of the Republic for Madeira, Ireneu Barreto, that he has the conditions to form a new government according to JM. But signs have emerged that the representative of the Republic may repeat Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa’s formula when António Costa resigned, also keeping Albuquerque in management until elections are held. The solution may take several months. Barreto denies pressure to step aside from a future executive. The National PSD distances itself from Madeira – not surprisingly!

The Diario reports that Barreto yesterday ended the hearings for parties with parliamentary seats in the Regional Goverment, after the dismissal of its president, Miguel Albuquerque, and the consequent dismissal of the executive, from the PSD/CDS-PP coalition, with the support PAN parliamentarian.

After listening to BE, PAN and IL on Wednesday, and on Thursday PCP, CDS-PP, Chega and Juntos Pelo Povo (JPP), Ireneu Barreto receives today at the Palácio de São Lourenço, in Funchal, PS and PSD.

Government can last 6 months 1

The hearings were scheduled after, on Monday, the decree dismissing the president of the Government of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque, was published, who resigned from his position after being accused as part of an investigation related to suspicions of corruption in the Region.

After the round of hearings, the representative will make a decision on the governmental situation in Madeira, since the President of the Republic can only intervene in the process from March 24th, when the Legislative Assembly completes the legally required six months of office.

The hypotheses are to accept the majority parties’ proposal to replace the regional executive or maintain the management government until March 24, when the regional parliament can be dissolved by the President of the Republic and early elections can be called, as the opposition demands.

PSD to confirm choice of leader?

This balance, which is not yet finalized, is the result of the first two days of hearings, at a time when all that remains to be heard, tomorrow, is the PS (10 am) and, finally, the PSD (11 am).

Everything indicates that the PSD will go to the São Lourenço Palace to confirm the choice for the formation of a new Government, with a new leader.

The PS, instead, must join the majority that wants elections, as the regional leader, Paulo Cafôfo, recently highlighted.

Taking into account this situation, in which the positions of the PS and PSD are known, but have not yet been heard, it is reiterated that the calculations are easy to do: six against three.

On this basis, we once again remind you that PS and PSD still need to be heard, Ireneu Barreto should have, at the end of the rounds, six parties asking for elections and three lining up to present a new governing list.

Remember that once Miguel Albuquerque’s dismissal decree has been completed – since February 5th, Monday, in current management – it is up to the Representative of the Republic for the Region to gather the will of each political party regarding a possible solution to the crisis installed in the heart of Madeira’s political power.

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  1. Too paraphrase a famous quote
    Corruption,corrupts ,absolute corruption ,corrupts absolutely.
    How can anyone have any faith in politicians after this mess.

  2. In this period of limbo what happens to the budget and other vital activity of Government? Uncertainty usually has a detrimental effect on an economy and the paid is felt mainly by the poorest in society. (Ask the British about their experience with the Brexit fiasco)

  3. Brexit was democratically voted for and eventually implimented , we live with it.
    This is an entirely different issue, this as caused a vacuum in government and has tainted all parties and individuals associated with government not just the government but people within local government, ( Camara) little wonder when individuals can sign off ” planning ” applications. There needs to be a root and branch sort out and reset for the way forward. Unfortunately that takes time and in the meantime everything is frozen solid.

    • Vacuum in government? What a polite way of saying I would called them a band self absorbed centred people that did put their needs first and the country in second and people in the bottom chain . And I call that betrayal and harmful , disloyalty, dishonesty the country that was supposed to represent and serve . The travesty of this was that supposed UK politicians used and abused the power to satisfy their needs of power and money and the country and their people were abandoned and forgotten .


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