Ginjas and Curral projects dropped

New faces in government

Ginjas and Curral projects dropped

The Regional Government has decided to backtrack on the works planned for Curral das Freiras and the Ginjas road project, according to JM, which reports that the €14 million planned for the Ginjas road has already been diverted to agricultural paths. As for the Curral cable car, the international consortium is already aware of the change of plan.

New faces in government

The front page photographic highlight is focussing on regional politics – no surprise there – and they report that the government will have new faces. The name for Miguel Albuquerque’s position as President is not yet known, but it is increasingly clear that the change must reach the secretaries mentioned in the process, namely Rogério Gouveia and Pedro Fino. 

15 days since Operation Zarco

15 days in detention is another important topic in this edition. Two weeks have passed since the PJ’s operation that swept Madeira, but the former mayor and the two businessmen remain without an outcome to their interrogation.

JM reports that Porto Santo City Council is accused of having dinner in an illegal restaurant. The II Encontro de Caçadores took place in a space that is not licensed. Councilor Luís Bettencourt made the complaint, called the PSP and prepared a complaint to the Public Ministry. The president of the Chamber says he is calm

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  1. Jan 24th the investigation started, February the 7th, 12 working days, it is announced the €14 million planned for the Ginjas road has already been diverted to agricultural paths. Must be some sort of record for Government action and not a word in the press of it being discussed within the Assembly.


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