Electoral Campaign Begins in Madeira

Young Drug Use Concerns Rise

Blank hoardings awa it the start of the electoral campaign

The electoral campaign begins this Sunday, February 25th, 14 days before the Legislative Elections, a period in which the candidate parties join forces to garner votes. In Madeira, there are several campaign actions planned for today, all reported in the Diario. 

3 in 10 young people have already consumed drugs

The same newspaper reports that one in ten youngsters on the island have experimented with drugs. Recent figures show that the impact of drugs on 18-year-olds place Madeira above the national average in many of the items evaluated. “Families must be held responsible”, warns Nelson Carvalho, director of the Intervention Unit for Addictive Behaviors and Dependencies.

The Madeira News website, with its automated news feed incorporating Google translate, picked up a few interesting reports whilst this sie was being upgraded over the last few days:

Electoral Campaign Begins in Madeira 1

Calheta cliff problems are not going to go away

The president of the Calheta City Council, Carlos Teles, said on Thursday that the cleaning of the cliff overlooking the Calheta promenade has been successfully completed and that, for now, “safety is guaranteed”. It is interesting that he uttered a similar statement just back in 2022 – opposite, when he said “we are safer than before…..”

However, the mayor insists that the Regional Government must carry out the intervention it has committed to. “The problem is, unfortunately, not resolved,” he said, speaking to JMFM, recalling that there is a need for an intervention that “definitely resolves the instability” of that cliff.

Carlos Teles left words of thanks to all the workers who collaborated in this, as well as to the traders who had to see their businesses closed for three days. The work aimed to provide greater security to the area, focusing on prevention to avoid major problems.

Car traffic resumed from today, as well as pedestrian circulation and the operation of services.

Car falls 3 metres into churchyard

Electoral Campaign Begins in Madeira 3

Also on Thursday a car fell from a height of around three metres through iron railings into the churchyard of the Church of São Gonçalo, above Funchal on the old road to the airport. There were no injuries fortunately, and the circumstances seem unclear

The Diario rather understates the situation when they describe that “In addition to the damage to the iron balcony and the wall, the vehicle also suffered some material damage“.

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  1. Run a drugs story, it keeps the the political friends out of the spotlight. Come on Barry, another chance to show us you’ve learnt the who the two main share holders of this publication of truth and wisdom are.

  2. Peter, no one has said anything about ignoring the drug problem. Madeira, like most countries has a problem but remember a small island has few stories to fill a daily newspaper. Using this keeps the likes of the ex/future? Governor out of the spotlight.

  3. Admin, Is Isabel’s message not an insult to everyone by calling out their names and making fun of them? People should be allowed an opinion. This is not correct, I think.

    • Daniel, I can’t see the insult. She has said from the article she thinks we will get a flood of comments So far Jennifer has commented. I must admit the first thing in mind was whose going to be first of the knockers to comment. Also her second comment, not only her thoughts but references to on line articles about the problem is better than any of the negatives I’m still waiting for.

    • No, not in my opinion Daniel. Isabel has taken the brunt of some insults from a few “imaginary” characters here. Some of those she lists are bona fide members of this community, but I am afriad that others were just created by somebody with an agenda to cause mischief.

    • No intention to insult no one but I did aspect some this people when making comments come with some references and explain better the reason of their comments .


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