Drug-related hospitalizations at Casa de Saúde São João de Deus account for half of all admissions

Drugs once again make press headlines

Casa de Saúde São João de Deus admitted 563 users last year, close to half due to drug use. 41% of hospitalizations were due to psychotic episodes and 191 individuals were hospitalised for the first time. Eduardo Lemos, director of the unit, highlights to JM that the work of reintegrating patients into society must ensure the “context of recovery, reintegration and rehabilitation”.

This Carnival Monday, know that, in the PSD-M, support is increasing for the return of Manuel António Correia. Militants believe that the former ruler must present an alternative project to the current leadership at the party’s Regional Congress.

Usual visitors in port

Drug-related hospitalizations at Casa de Saúde São João de Deus account for half of all admissions 1

In the Port of Funchal today are the usual Monday customers, Azura and AIDAcosma, which are moving a total of 12,254 people, of which 9,684 are passengers.

The two ships are positioned on the CAI route, Cruise Atlantic Islands and are carrying out 7-day cruises around the Canary and Madeira islands.

The two cruises began in Tenerife, the AIDAcosma on the 7th and the Azura on the 9th of this month, with visits also to the islands of Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

Drug-related hospitalizations at Casa de Saúde São João de Deus account for half of all admissions 3

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9 thoughts on “Drug-related hospitalizations at Casa de Saúde São João de Deus account for half of all admissions”

      • Russell, any drug problem should be treated seriously but another terrible piece of reporting. Out of a population of 280,000 aprox. this facility which specialises in Psychiatric and Addiction problems, admitted 563 drug users, close to half, say 250, in 12 months. The island is ruined, there’s plenty of medium sized towns in the UK wish they had this sort of problem.

          • Because I have experience of the UK. Where would you like me to make a comparison, some where of where I have no knowledge. Why do I make a comparison? To illustrate what is often considered a problem in Madeira because of it’s small population, when compared with an area of a similar size is not as large a problem as made out. Don’t you ever ever look at other arears and to see how they handle things?

            • Any comparison is contectual George – if you say London is congested you invite comparisons beween different parts of the day in different suburbs. As such the statisticcs are useless, other than the pollution figures. Funchal has never paid attention to these.

              • Admin, but we weren’t talking about congestion. The subject was drugs. I was comparing similar populations in Funchal with Worcester, my County town, 12 miles from where I live and visit quite regularly. Thinking about it I spend more time in Funchal than Worcester.

  1. It is a bit dangerous making assumptions and conclusion that the island is full one drugs and complete of control and also implying that the authorities don’t care or not doing anything at all when there is programs in place from the government heath authorities and other institutions that been in the ground dealing with this problems that affects not only Madeira island other countries.

  2. I have in my youth experimented with drugs. Experimented quite thoroughly, let’s put it that way. The reason I didn’t have a problem with drugs is because I had options, I’m educated and was raised well by my parents. I’m very privileged to have had that. I was having fun, not escaping something, that’s the difference. Poverty/homelessness, lack of opportunity and hope is the real problem.


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