Drug Network dismantled on Porto Santo – 4 arrested

3,400 animals collected from expressways in 5 years

Drug Network Dismantled on Porto Santo - 4 Arrested, and Animals collected from the expressways make headlines in JM

As part of an investigation into synthetic drug networks and trafficking, the Regional Command of the Madeira Public Security Police (PSP) reported yesterday that it dismantled, on February 20, a network that has been dedicated to the sale of synthetic drugs on the island of Porto Santo, for several months.

This police operation took place through the Machico Police Division, Porto Santo Complex Police Station, with the collaboration of the Machico Criminal Investigation Squadron and other operational areas of the Regional Command, with a view to executing search warrants in the parish of Camacha.

In terms of the division of responsibilities in the autonomous region, the Municipality of Machico has Porto Santo within its boundary. Four arrest warrants were issued by the Judicial Authority.

According to a note sent to the editorial team, the drug network in question covered “a significant number of consumers on the island”, and during this investigation, which began in April 2023, several types of drugs were seized.

Furthermore, during the home search, “large quantities of synthetic drugs and an alarm weapon” were seized, as well as four defendants were arrested, one female and three males, aged between 25 and 45, residents in the municipalities of Santa Cruz and Funchal.

“The detainees were present at the first judicial interrogation of the detained defendant on February 22, 2024, with the coercive measure of bi-weekly presentations being applied to two defendants and weekly presentations to two others, as well as a ban on visiting the island of Porto Santo”, ends the same note.

3,400 animals collected from expressways in 5 years

One of the more unusual figures to emerge from the statisticians recently is that more than 3,400 animals have been collected from the expressway and expressways on the island over the last five years. Predictably, most died as a result of road accidents, with authorities saying that speeding is the main cause of accidents. Last year alone, the number of “objects” removed exceeded 1,800.

Once again the JM front page highlights the legislative issues. Different in almost everything. Pedro Coelho (PSD/CDS) and Paulo Cafôfo (PS) had a heated confrontation in the media-sponsored debate yesterday. The last of the four debates, promoted by a number of media organisations highlighted marked divergences between the candidates on several key subjects. In an interview with JM, Socialist leader Paulo Cafôfo accuses the ruling PSD of using autonomy to divide.

Drug Network dismantled on Porto Santo - 4 arrested 1

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    • Instead of criticizing you should be praising the police and the other government departments and the different associations that try to fight against this problem and also try help to help the drug addicts that affects the society in so many levels . And you shouldn’t judge them or even make assumptions and conclusions about this people you don’t know what was the reason that lead to this .


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