Corruption investigation delayed again

Lisbon interrogation stalls again

Central Criminal Investigation Court in Lisbon, which is receiving attention from  lot of Portugals's media
Central Criminal Investigation Court in Lisbon

The interrogations of the three detained on suspicion of corruption a week ago in Madeira finally began yesterday at the Justice Campus in Lisbon, but only at 7:30 pm, with work being interrupted at 8:00 pm.

After another day marked by procedures linked to the case, the Criminal Investigation judge began listening to the businessman facing corruption allegations but interrupting work at 8:00 pm.

The continuation of interrogation into charges of corruption will continue today, from 9:30 am, according to a judicial source.

Upon leaving the Central Criminal Investigation Court, Custódio Correia’s lawyer, André Navarro de Noronha, expressed satisfaction with the start of the interrogations, stressing that the businessman, one of the three main suspects being questioned, is available to “answer all questions”.

“It’s a relief to start. I hope it’s just a problem with the starter motor and that now that the car is pushed, it will go straight away,” he noted.

When asked about the work, André Navarro de Noronha said that his client will answer all the questions asked, noting that everything is still at a “very early stage”.

The defender also regretted the delay in starting the interrogations, considering that this was a “Portuguese-style” interpretation of what the European Court of Human Rights determines.

Judicial Interrogation is supposed to start within 48 hours

“It is on the fifth day, at the end of the fifth session that an interrogation begins, when the law determines 48 hours for a judicial presentation. The jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights establishes a maximum of four days. We have this Portuguese interpretation that 48 hours is to start and then it will be whatever our Lord God wants”, he criticized.

Also today, the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSM) said that it “is concerned” about the delay in the first judicial interrogations, admitting to studying “practical solutions” to address the limitation of a constitutional right of defendants and suggested changes to the law.

The three defendants detained as part of the alleged corruption case in Madeira have not yet started to be heard by the criminal investigation judge. A week ago today, Pedro Calado, Avelino Farinha and Custódio Correia were arrested.

This is the fifth time that the defendants have been present at the Central Criminal Investigation Court to be heard by the judge about the facts for which they are indicted, without this happening.

Judicial source indicates that the delays are related to procedural matters.

The bailiffs are again giving up their overtime strike today in order to continue with the investigations into the Madeira corruption case. The work should end at 8:00 pm, similar to yesterday.

Corruption investigation delayed again 1

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8 thoughts on “Corruption investigation delayed again”

  1. What a farse, this flys in the face of natural justice and really any kind of justice, its reading,like they have no idea what they are doing or that it’s all gone in directions that nobody as control of. Guilty or not guilty,they are entitled to be dealt with in a legally structured fashion.

  2. Perhaps this may reveal the issues of the continuous controversy between the Savoy NEXT and the timeshares who have lost their apartments and now having to pay for apartments of a lower standard.

  3. As the taxi driver said today,it makes no difference to him.They come they go.

    when we say when eating out “do you give a discount “.the answer is always “You pay cash”.Its the culture top to bottom.

  4. If your paying,cash, assisting in it!
    And the taxi driver is wrong,corruption at this suggested level, affects everyone as it takes out the competition for every service paid by tax payers, then it also destroys people with ambition who want to start businesses, puts others at a disadvantage as the perpetrators of the corrupt approach are in effect being subsidised by tax payers, so again tourists pay more,for lack of competition. So yes it affects a very wide number of people,businesses and ultimately jobs.

  5. George, yes and highlighted by me in earlier blog.
    The other thing of note and again I highlighted, was ” why was this,not undertaken by Madeirian justice system”


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