Caminho Real claims heritage of Public Interest status

Caminho Real claims heritage of Public Interest status

The Caminho Real da Madeira Association intends for the Caminho Real (Royal Roads) da Madeira to be classified as heritage of Public Interest, with the definition and inventory of an initial route, as previously proposed by this ACRM to the Regional Directorate of Culture. This is one of the objectives set for this year, which emerged from a General Assembly that took place yesterday morning.

At that same meeting, the accounts for the 2023 financial year, the proposed activity plan and the respective budget for the year 2024 were also approved.

The activity plan for this year highlights the following projects:

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  1. Organize the 7th Tour of Madeira on Camino Real 23;
  2. Promote the IV Conference of the Royal Paths of Madeira;
  3. Promote cultural walks on local roads and internal Caminhos Reais.
  4. Promote a Gastronomic Walk in partnership with the Madeira Enogastronomic Confraria, promoting typical regional dishes with the rediscovery of old recipes and knowledge of related economic activities;
  5. Publicize the Caminho Real Credential and Passport and consolidate the Caminho Real partner network;
  6. Establish protocols with tourist, commercial and educational entities;
  7. Organize workshops and training initiatives for members in an external context;
  8. Collaborate with local authorities in the identification, marking and cultural and historical appreciation of the Caminhos Reais.

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5 thoughts on “Caminho Real claims heritage of Public Interest status”

  1. If this meant more means to do a serious maintenance, it sounds like an excellent idea. Anyone who has done a walk by these beautiful footways can see how difficult building these ways must have been, and how difficult the maintenance is, considering the natural erosion and instability of many rockwalls on the island, which is in is last geological phase.

  2. Well been their many times and the supposed crumbling island still standing up . In relation to maintain this Caminho Real (Royal Roads) that will be a bit difficult since also their is lack of manpower to keep with the forests and the levadas plus mountains .And the other thing that is happening also in the rural areas the old people that did maintain and clean the forest areas where they live are to old even to maintain their one farm fields seen that when I was last August visiting the rural areas of Madeira . The complete abandonment of houses and the farming land and the maintenance of the forest plus the young don’t want that type of live .


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