Calado: tired and refusing to make any more statements

Calado: tired and refusing to make any more statements 1

Confusion reigns as different reports come from the Judicial Court in Lisbon as the interrogation phase draws to a close. Firstly. just after 1:00 am, the Diario reported online that Pedro Calado’s first judicial interrogation had been concluded by the criminal investigation judge, Jorge Bernardes de Melo, after the defence lawyer acting for Calado, Paulo Sá e Cunha, requested its end, citing tiredness on the part of the defendant, who refused to make any further statements. 

The interrogation of the former mayor of Funchal Pedro Calado, detained on suspicion of corruption in Madeira, only ended before the lunch break, the lawyer clarified today, contradicting the information initially given by a judicial source.

According to a judicial source quoted by JM, the Central Court of Criminal Instruction summoned the presence of lawyers Raul Soares da Veiga and André Navarro de Noronha, agents of the remaining defendants Avelino Farinha and Custódio Correia, respectively, with a view to starting the allegations phase with the proposal of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the coercive measures to be applied.

Then, a request for the immediate release of the three defendants detained as part of the alleged corruption case in the Autonomous Region of Madeira was delivered to the criminal investigation judge on Thursday, February 8th afternoon.

Lawyers join forces

After 16 days of detention for interrogation and application of coercive measures, the lawyers of Pedro Calado, Avelino Farinha and Custódio Correia once again joined forces to demand the release of the defendants detained on suspicion of malfeasance, undue receipt of an advantage, passive corruption, active corruption, economic participation in business, abuse of powers and influence peddling.

At the door of the Central Criminal Instruction Court, in Lisbon, during the lunch break, Paulo Sá e Cunha told journalists that the interrogation of Pedro Calado had taken place “during the morning” and ended “before the lunch break”.

“We are on the sixteenth day of detention for interrogation, naturally we are tired, we are all tired. There are 16 days of intense diligence that require intense concentration and exclusive dedication”, stated Paulo Sá e Cunha. According to Pedro Calado’s lawyer, it is possible “today we will start promoting coercive measures”.

“We really have to hurry up”

“There are points, ideas about people’s income that, in my opinion, we reached that point yesterday. We are entering a dangerous zone, we really have to hurry up,” he stressed.

Before, at around 11:15, a judicial source had told journalists, in a slightly watered-down version of events, that the interrogation of the former mayor of Funchal had ended, and that he would not “answer any more questions”, with the judge summoning the remaining lawyers in the case to the allegations.

An hour later, André Navarro de Noronha, who represents businessman Custódio Correia, told journalists he had been called for finishing the interrogation that was taking place with Pedro Calado.

At 2:20 pm, at the start of the afternoon session, Paulo Sá e Cunha reaffirmed that the interrogation had ended before the lunch break and that Pedro Calado had “responded to the judge for two and a half days”, adding that the defence had renounced requests for clarification.

Asked whether the former mayor had responded to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Sá e Cunha reiterated that his client had answered “all the judge’s questions”.

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