Calado interrogation continues

Length of investigation phase criticised again

Calado iterrogation continues
Calado’s lawyer leaves Court in Lisbon yesterday

Pedro Calado, the last of three defendants detained as part of the alleged corruption process in Madeira, otherwise referred to as Operation Zarco, being heard by the criminal investigating judge in the first judicial interrogation, which “continues to provide clarifications this Thursday, February 8th”. 

The defence lawyer once again criticised the period of the investigation phase, stating that “ideally it would have already ended”. Yesterday’s work was completed by 5:00 pm. Upon leaving the Central Criminal Investigation Court, Paulo Sá e Cunha representing the former Mayor of Funchal, Pedro Calado (PSD), noted that the interrogation is “halfway through” and he believes it should be completed tomorrow after “covering all the evidentiary matters”. 

Interestingly, I passed a bar in Gaula a couple of days ago and noted the name “Bar Calado” – the adjective “Calado”, according to Google, primarily translates as “shut up”: silencioso, calado, taciturno, sossegado, sem barulho, sem produzir som

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