Hottest February ever

… expected in Madeira

Hottest February - graphic

The month just gone is expected to be the hottest February ever in the Region, as long as there are records.

At least that is the … Read more

43,000 mortgages in Madeira

The President of the Republic snubs Madeira

Mortgage headline in JM

Accounts from the Bank of Portugal show that, in January this year, there were 42,700 mortgage loans in Madeira according to a report … Read more

Social mobility allowances: about turn!

CTT forced to resume simplified procedures

Social Mobility is mostly reclaimed by TAT passengers flying to the mainland

It was reported yesterday that CTT Correios (the Portuguese Post Office) have been forced to simplify their social mobility allowance reclaim procedures. The General Inspectorate … Read more

House prices surge

… as bank valuations rise by €285/m2

House prices surge as bank valuations rise by €285/m2

The median value of bank valuation in Madeira rose by €285/m2, compared to the same period last year. Thus, in one year, house prices … Read more

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