Vaccines ignored by the public

… whilst epidemic activity is growing

Vaccines ignored according to press reports

The 52,000 doses of the most recent vaccines against Covid acquired by the Government for risk groups, only 14,245 have been administered since the campaign began”. The Diario also reports that “the flu vaccine also records timid adherence with the population, at a time when epidemic activity is growing”

Accidents abound… and politics

There has not been a great deal of news around since the New Year and the local press have recently been divided between covering a proliferation of road traffic accidents and Paulo Cafôfo, the former mayor of Funchal, giving “total commitment” to his socialist colleague as the next Prime Minister of Portugal.

Paulo Cafôfo, currently Secretary of State for the Portuguese Communities, has been speaking at the Socialist Party Congress to express the PS-M’s total commitment to the election of Pedro Nuno Santos as Prime Minister after his predecessor António Costa was toppled by a political scandal at the end of last year. PS-M’s is the local Madeiran branch of the socialist party.

As the newspapers struggle to find a good story, the screenshot below is of JM’s website just recently – six of the seven reports are of accidents on the island, including details of somebody fainting on a bus.

The four lead stories in the “Cases of the Day” in the Diario all concern road traffic accidents.

Vaccines ignored by the public 1
Vaccines ignored by the public 3

12 thoughts on “Vaccines ignored by the public”

    • Barry, here is a repeat of my yet unanswered question:–

      “So Barry is it just covid vaccines you are against or all vaccines? Do you have kids? If so, do they get their tabt, polio jabs etc? If you travel you should get jabs for various diseases such as cholera & yellow fever etc have you had them?

      As DL wrote above, there is plenty of evidence of their efficacy.

      My wife and I have had all 3 brands of jabs with boosters from day 1. We both had bouts of covid and barely noticed it.

      So reject the vaccines if you wish but why should the NHS treat you if you fall sick with covid?”

      • As I understand it, unlike other vaccines the Covid vax has not the benefit of long term testing for side effects… i.e. anyone taking the shot IS a long term test subject.
        Not something I want my children participating in… but I thank those that do.

  1. Does the NHS refuse to treat people who smoke, eat badly, don’t exercise and a host of other things that can cause health issues?

    No doubt Barry knows he is far less likely to catch covid or be seriously ill without the vaccines.

  2. Maurice, how many times do we ask questions from people who make statements, then have the inability to answer or defend their position. Ding bats. Ken, yes it’s an insult.

    • Unfortunately social media gives everybody, including the uninformed and ignorant, equal billing. I live in the US and have to live with the “alternative facts” lunacy that social media has unleashed in our politics. In the old days established media outlets for better or worse controlled what most folks read or listened to. It was certainly far from ideal, there was too often censorship along with establishment propaganda, but the gatekeepers generally kept the uniformed crazies from spreading their nonsense.
      Not sure what the answer is and worry that AI will only exacerbate the problem. When it comes to Covid and vaccines I’ve just about given up trying to have a fact based discussion with those convinced that risk of vaccines (almost negllgible) outway the significant well documented benefits. People can do what they want. That being said I just wish they would stop trying to pass off their views on vaccines as somehow factually based when they have limited or no knowlege of the scientific data (probably never read a medical journal) and their opinions are too often only based on something they read on the internet.

        • Your proving my point. Rumble is a conspiracy website with no scientific credibility and Burkhardt is propagating quack science (and quack research) that is totally at odds with evidenced based peer reviewed research data. Again, read some real science. Read peer reviewed research published in real medical journals.
          The scientific data is overwhelming that not only do vaccines reduce Covid deaths but that being vaccinated actually has been found to reduce deaths from all causes. I can send you some real peer reviewed studies if you wish.
          I’m not sure why people choose to believe this pseudo science. I worked in healthcare for 40 years, most in an acedemic setting, and can tell you categorically that there is no grand conspiracy to cover up the truth about Covid, Covid treatments, or Covid vaccines. Caring for people who are suffering and dying from a communicable disease like Covid, and seeing the anguish of loved ones, is a sobering experience and you can be assured that the medical community is following the consensus science based on real reasearch.

  3. Well people can decide if they want to be vaccinated or not with flu vaccination or covid19 but they should continue having the normal heath vaccinations that are given in the health centres . But in cases of children and teenagers they should take them to do all vaccinations and avoid the reappearance of eradicated diseases and it is a complete irresponsibility from many parents that are putting at risk their health and lives of their own children independent of their believes or not .


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