Unusual weather continues

Saharan dust to stay for a while

Unusual weather continues

The Portuguese Weather Institute, IPMA reports that the tropical nights being experienced in Madeira, first reported here yesterday, have continued, with this Sunday being the third tropical night recorded in a row – the minimum temperature once more did not drop below 20 °C.

At the same time the west coast of the island experienced torrential rain, reported in the Diario online as having extremes of 18.3 mm/10 min and 37.8 mm/1h accompanied by lots of lightning

The Ponta do Pargo and Prazeres weather stations recorded, in the hour prior to 7:00 pm, “very significant amounts of precipitation”. In Prazeres, it took just over half an hour to accumulate 37.8 litres per square metre, just 2 mm short of “overflowing” into to the red warning value. In this location, the extreme rainfall in 10 minutes reached 16.4 mm.

In the neighbouring town of Ponta do Pargo, the weather there was also unusual, with heavy rainfall (18.3 mm/10 min and 31.6 mm/1h). The flood was accompanied by what the Diario describes as”many flashes of lightning that illuminate the beginning of the night”.

Saharan dust to continue this week

It is common knowledge that this haze that has returned to hovering over Madeira in recent days is caused by dust from the African continent and when this occurs, the air temperature is normally high. In addition to affecting visibility, the air that makes the sky strange tends to become ‘unbreathable’, and if precipitation occurs, the result will be what is described as ‘mud rain’, according to Victor Prior, the local director of IPMA,

“This situation of dust in the atmosphere will continue in the coming days. The weather forecast points to a duration of around eight days. There will be a slight improvement tomorrow, but it will be for a short time. Then it will return”
Victor Prior, the local director of IPMA

Wednesday may see rain

Whilst talking to JM Victor Prior predicts that some showers may fall on Wednesday, January 31st, but in minimal quantities. “For the next 8 to 10 days, apart from today and Wednesday, no amount of precipitation that could be called abundant is expected,” he reinforced.

The forecast for next Sunday is opposite the, again as described here yesterday.

As for the weather generally, the maximum temperature, which has been around 23/25 degrees Celsius (ºC), it should drop by around 2 to 3ºC next week, dropping to 22/23ºC. “Therefore, there will not be cold days”, highlighted Victor Prior. The wind will generally be weak, blowing temporarily from the east.

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