University has structural problems

Serra de Água still waiting…

University of Madeira with structural problems

The property that houses the University of Madeira, in Penteada, has structural problems according to this morning’s JM. There are holes in the patio, walls with cracks and exposed iron, cement slabs peeling off, blinds that threaten to fall and damaged paintings. University students report dangerous situations, ask for intervention and are concerned about the poor conditions in external areas. The rectory explains to JM what they are already doing.

The front page also highlights the topic of the moment. The charges against the man accused of the bank robbery will be heard again today. A man detained by the PJ (Judicial Police) will only know this Friday whether he is awaiting trial in prison or remanded on bail.

Serra de Água

University has structural problems 1

Today’s edition focuses on Serra de Água, where a public walkway awaits funding. The promise of a ‘promenade’ from the Ribeira Brava waterfront to Serra de Água (many will know this as the starting point for the ascent to the high mountains – some popular poncha bars as well). is around ten years old but has never been released.

Ricardo Nascimento, the president of the munipality of Ribeira Brava, maintains the dream he presented when he arrived at the Chamber, but explains to the Journal that he is still waiting for financing. More than two million euros are needed.

Nominated for the Business Excellence Awards 2024

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