Those named in the corruption investigation

More details on the three detained yesterday

Pedr Calado - one of thos involved in the corruption investigation

Publico kindly provides a little more background to those (allegedly – as the last two have not been officially named yet) detained in the police swoop on various bodies as part of their corruption investigations yesterday, replicated here:

Pedro Calado: the number 2 who became mayor

In 2017, Pedro Calado was Regional President Miguel Albuquerque‘s right-hand man twice — and twice that became a milestone in his life. First, it was in August 2017, when he won, alongside driver Alexandre Camacho, the Rali Vinho da Madeira for the first time — a feat that would be repeated the following year and in 2019 and brought him some prominence. Then, two months later, he would become vice-president of the XII Regional Government of Madeira, led by Miguel Albuquerque.

By this time, the now mayor of Funchal had already accumulated a CV in managing companies and banks as renowned as KPMG, Banco Espírito Santo and Caixa Geral de Depósitos. He even became a general director of Previsão, an accounting company dedicated to professional training. In 2013, even before joining the regional government, he worked at the AFA business group, already becoming established as a construction giant in Madeira.

It was like this for eight years, with one foot in private activity, through the AFA group, owner of the Savoy hotels, and the other at the top of the Madeira government. The candidacy for Funchal City Council in 2021 took Pedro Calado out of both positions, taking him to corridors he knew well: he had already been a councillor in Funchal from 2005 to 2013 and was also vice-president of the municipality between 2012 and 2013.

Avelino Farinha: “the Madeiran who is everywhere”

Those named in the corruption investigation 1

Avelino Farinha and Pedro Calado have three things in common. The first is that their professional history intersects in the AFA group, the result of a company that the former surveyor of the Support Office for Local Authorities and the Calheta Municipal Council set up when he was 20 years old. AFA is everywhere in Madeira, from civil construction and public works to hotels, from real estate to media, from waste treatment to executive aviation and road concessions.

The second point in common is that they both love sports. Avelino Farinha, awarded the Estrelícia Dourada in 1992 and the Cordão Autonómico de Bons Serviços in 2012, for the importance that the AFA group has in the economic and business fabric of Madeira, has created and directed the Tennis Club, the Naval Club and the Estrela da Calheta Futebol Clube. For 14 years he has also been the president of the Association of Construction Industry in the Madeira Archipelago.

The third point materialized early this afternoon, at 2:15 pm, when both were detained by the Judiciary Police as part of a process that led to searches being carried out across the country — even at the home of the president of the regional government, Miguel Albuquerque. Some businesses established by the AFA group (mainly public works and direct awards) are under suspicion by the Public Ministry, which is suspicious of favouritism with Avelino Farinha and Pedro Calado as protagonists.

Farinha’s path also intersects with that of another of the detainees, Custódio Correia, a business partner in a mega real estate project in Funchal:

Custódio Correia: builder and real estate investor

Businessman Custódio Correia founded the Socicorreia group almost 20 years ago, whose main area is real estate investment and luxury construction. Despite being from Braga, the builder invested not only in his homeland, but in Lisbon, Madeira and, more recently, in the Azores. He also expanded his business into the tourism sector, with the opening of a luxury local accommodation in Braga.

Those named in the corruption investigation 3

Son of Braga businessman Arlindo Correia, now deceased, he maintains a conflictual relationship with a large part of his family. The problems with Justice are no longer new, having been one of the 126 accused of the mega fraud with European funds centred on the Associação Industrial do Minho, currently on trial. There he responds, along with his brother, for fraud in obtaining a subsidy, money laundering and document forgery. Socicorreia Engenharia SA was also accused

In the group’s latest magazine, referring to the last half of 2022, it is stated that since 2004, 246 million euros have been invested in projects already completed, having developed 35 residential developments, 24 of which are in Madeira. The balance sheet states that the group has 100 employees, 70 of which are in Madeira.

Custódio Correia’s good relations with the political power of that autonomous region are exposed on the cover of the December 2021 edition of the group’s magazine, where three prominent faces appear: the president of the Regional Government of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque, the president of the Chamber of Funchal, Pedro Calado and the former president of the regional government, Alberto João Jardim.

Those named in the corruption investigation 5
Pedro Calado, Alberto João Jardim and Miguel Albuquerque, among others

The latter writes an article that Publico describes as deserving a headline on the first page, under the title: “Alberto João Jardim praises the work of Socicorreia in the Madeiran region”. In the text, the former politician considers himself a friend of Custódio Correia and says he recognizes him “playing a decisive role in this authentic ‘revolution’ in the beauty and planning of the territory in the municipalities where real estate investments take place”.

Dubai development involved?

In Madeira, Custódio Correia is a business partner of the Afa group, owned by Avelino Farinha, another of those arrested this Wednesday, in the Dubai project in Madeira. This is a mega residential real estate project of 35 thousand square metres that they call the “largest private investment in the Autonomous Region of Madeira”, which involves investing a total of 250 million euros.

Will this become involved in the corruption investigation?
Those named in the corruption investigation 7

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