Taxi replacement deadline extended

Savoy Palace among the world’s top 100 hotels

Taxis in Funchal - their replacement deadline has been extended

The Regional Government decided to extend by two years the deadline for replacing passenger transport vehicles in taxis with more than 15 years of registration. According to JM, taxi sector professionals will have until December 2027 to find new solutions. Regional secretary for Equipment and Infrastructures, Pedro Fino, speaking to the newspaper, explains that the postponement is based on the difficulties faced by taxi drivers during the pandemic.

The front page also highlights bananas. The banana sector management company GESBA plans to increase producers’ income. In an interview with JM, the company’s manager, Artur Lima, reveals that he plans to increase five cents per kilo in the amount to be paid for direct delivery of the product.

Savoy Palace among the world’s top 100 hotels

Taxi replacement deadline extended 1

Today’s edition of JM also highlights the Savoy Palace, which has been named among the 100 best in the world in the prestigious TUI Global Hotel Awards 2024. The travel company highlights Savoy Palace’s :

“excellence in offering exceptional experiences to its guests and consolidates the hotel’s position as a reference of the sector” and reflects the establishment’s “ongoing commitment to offering a sophisticated environment, superior quality services and unique hospitality to its visitors, but also the team’s ongoing effort to exceed guests’ expectations and offer unforgettable moments”.
TUI Global Hotel Awards 2024

Nominated for the Business Excellence Awards 2024

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