Swordfish fetch €10m at auction

End of Zero VAT

Swordfish headline

Swordfish fetch 10 million at auction. Fishing vessels in the Region recorded, in 2023, the best year ever in terms of sales value for the species, according to today’ Diario. It was 35.6% more compared to 2022. 

Curral das Freiras old road

The JM front page highlights their weekly “Before and After” feature headlines “From risk to safety in Curral das Freiras”. The newspaper observes that since 2004, the route to the parish has gained better conditions. 

Swordfish fetch €10m at auction 1

The old road, dramatically pictured, winding and dangerous, became impassable and was no longer cleaned.

End of Zero VAT

JM also reports that the end of the Portuguese Government’s Zero VAT scheme for essential foodstuffs brought immediate increases in the shops. The general rise in prices was immediate, with the reference-point “food basket” becoming more expensive between €12 and €15.

Funchal hosts three days of fado, another important topic in this edition, which also highlights social support. Sickness benefit beneficiaries grew by almost 80%.

Four injured in tunnel crash

A road accident in Madalena do Mar, in the largest tunnel, ended up causing injuries to four people, two of them children. According to JM, the accident happened on Thursday afternoon and one of the vehicles ended up off the road.

The violence of the accident caused injuries to two children and two adult women, who were rescued by the Volunteer Firefighters of Calheta and Mixed Firefighters of Ribeira Brava and Ponta de Sol.

Lés a Lés photo goes viral

A photo published on the Facebook page of the Madeira Lés a Lés group went viral. In just two days the publication reached 102,243 internet users.

Madeira Lés a Lés is a group of walkers that regularly promotes walks in nature and has restored some old paths and paths, in addition to cleaning up invasive plants. It also aims to disseminate photographic images with a view to promoting the island’s natural and scenic heritage.

Swordfish fetch €10m at auction 3

17 thoughts on “Swordfish fetch €10m at auction”

  1. “Swordfish fetch 10 million at auction. Fishing vessels in the Region recorded, in 2023, the best year ever in terms of sales value for the species, according to today’ Diario. It was 35.6% more compared to 2022. ”

    Am I missing something? How did Scabbard Fish get on the scene. Completely different in looks, size and habitat.

    The species name, Xiphias gladius, derives from Greek ξιφίας (xiphias, “swordfish”), itself from ξίφος (xiphos, “sword”) and from Latin gladius (“sword”). From Wikipedia.

    • Strange this Friedl! As I said previously I concur completely with both you and Peter, however, trying to get to bottom of why this consistently mistranslates when using Google you find that if you put espada into Google Translate you get “sword”. However, if you translate “espadarte” you then get “Swordfish”.
      To make matters worse, if you reverse translate “swordfish” from English, Google finally presents you with ” Peixe-espada”


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