Seven people remain missing since 2004

“La Vie” to become “Plaza Center Madeira”

Seven people remain missing since 2004 - headline in JM

The JM front page highlights a tragedy: Seven people remain missing. Since 2004, seven people have gone missing in the Region without leaving a trace. A man was found dead yesterday, 100 metres below the Pináculo viewpoint. Recovering the body took around three hours.

Yesterday morning, the Public Security Police were carrying out searches with drones in the Pináculo area after a body was detected at the scene. The Madeiran Volunteer Firefighters mountain rescue team was already on its way to the site to recover the missing person.

“La Vie” to become “Plaza Center Madeira”

The La Vie Shopping Center, in Funchal, is preparing to gain a new designation, as a result of the entry of another company into the management of the space, MultiPortugal. The shopping mall, located in Funchal Centrum, will be renamed Plaza Center Madeira, a ‘renaming’ that will be implemented this year (presumably the “Center” will remain the same American spelling).

Drug traffickers on Porto Santo Ferry

The paper reports that two drug traffickers were arrested upon the arrival of Lobo Marinho in Porto Santo. Presumably, this was yesterday when the ferry made its last trip before going for its annual maintenance.

JM reports that the Porto Santo Police Station, in an action aimed at combating drug trafficking, detained two male citizens upon the arrival of the ship Lobo Marinho. The detainees, both residents of Ilha Dourada, were suspected of the crime of drug trafficking.

According to a statement from the PSP, one of the detainees, aged 22, of foreign nationality, was intercepted in possession of 35 doses of hashish hidden in his underwear. The other individual, 32 years old, of Portuguese nationality, was arrested after a summary search, which led to the seizure of 3 doses of cocaine and 1.11 grams of an undetermined product (suspected to be the drug commonly known as ‘gorby’).

“There were still suspicions that this last defendant could carry a narcotic product with him, hidden in his body, which is why he was taken to the Health Center, where it was discovered that he had three packages inside his body, which ended up being expelled. Two of the packages, with a gross weight of more than 25 grams, contained a product known as “bloom”, and the third package, with a gross weight of approximately 10 grams, contained a product identified by the suspect as being a drug commonly known as ‘ gorby’”, reads a statement from the PSP Regional Command.

The PSP is carrying out investigative measures in this case, with the citizens being considered defendants and subject to the less serious coercive measure of Identity and Residence Term.

New weather forecast for Madeira?

Remarkably inaccurate weather forecasting by the main providers (BBC and IPMA, the Portuguese equivalent) over Christmas and New Year was replicated on this website and many others. It has occurred to me that there is a role for a more detailed expert forecast (even taking into account the microclimates that exist across the whole archipelago). However, this involves a small financial outlay and some work “behind the scenes” to expand the one below considerably.

The blog is not looking for any contribution – advertising should cover it – just an indication of whether readers will find it helpful before making an on-going commitment? Results show after visitors have voted.

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  1. This is sad news to all the relatives of these people that disappeared without any trace and still no one knows if it was an accident or been lost or fair play. Many unanswered questions to the relatives that can’t get any closer at all . Lets their souls rest in peace 🙏


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