Rent-a-car companies tripled in 2 years

Derby next weekend

Rent-a-car companies tripled in Madeira in 2 years

Rent-a-car companies tripled in 2 years is the topic that makes the Diario headline today. The quality of service concerns 170 operators in the market. A businessman associated with the commercial association ACIF fears the effect of low prices on car rental. 

The newspaper reports that the Regional Directorate of Statistics wants to know the size of the rent-a-car sector.

Rent-a-car companies tripled in 2 years 1

Derby next weekend

The photographic highlight refers to sport, with the headline “draw suffered before the derby”. Marítimo were losing to Académico de Viseu, but ended up drawing 1-1, leaving them with 28 points for the clash with Nacional, next Sunday, in Barreiros. Guess it’s going to be pretty busy in that part of town, with car parking at a premium when never Maritimo are at home.

4 thoughts on “Rent-a-car companies tripled in 2 years”

  1. Helps to explain the increase in road accidents.
    Not sure how it improves the island’s economy as many people on this site seem to think that only increasing tourism is the only solution to improving the livelihood of the indigenous population. They however don’t seem to think so. The census statistics show how many locals are leaving. 10% of the population in 10 years.

    • As I understand it you can create a new company with the appropriate credentials for hire-a-car, take out minimal insurance, reach an agreement with a car manufacturer for generous finance terms and you are up and running. So easy and so tempting for existing businesses in other sectors to branch out. Further investigations may show that some are single car operations running alongside a holiday rental that is just doing it to comply with legislation. Therefore, the serious players in the business remain the usual big names.

    • If there is a call for hire cars and a profit to be made then hire car companies will appear and it’s only logical that the more cars on the road, accident statistics will increase although I don’t think you can put all the blame on tourist drivers. I don’t understand your statistic that 10% of the population has left the island in the last 10 years. Is there a nett figure available for each of the ten years? Being a tourist my main contact with people is through the hospitality industry and I’m impressed by the various nationalities who have taken on and performed so excellently these jobs.


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