“Preventive measures” for areas above new tunnel

Amparo/Lazareto link protected from outside interference

map for areas above new tunnel

After having determined the area included in the new road/tunnel connection between Amparo and Lazareto, the Regional Government considered it advisable to “submit the area to be affected by the aforementioned work to preventive measures.”

According to a regulatory decree published in JORAM, the Jornal Oficial da Região Autónoma da Madeira last Thursday, the “objective of such preventive measures is to prevent the indiscriminate change in existing circumstances and conditions from creating difficulties, compromising the future execution of that work, or making it more difficult or costly, which fully justifies the subjection to preventive measures” in the area outlined in the image published here of the area above the tunnel.

"Preventive measures” for areas above new tunnel 1
New tunnel news breaks in late 2022

In this sense, and for a period of two years, “the practice of some interventions and activities depends on prior authorization from the Regional Secretariat for Equipment and Infrastructure, after consultation with the Funchal City Council”.

The interventions requiring approval are the creation of new housing centres; construction, reconstruction, expansion and demolition of buildings or other facilities; installation of farms or expansion of existing ones; important changes, through landfills or excavations, to the general configuration of the land; fell trees in any area; destruction of living soil and vegetation cover; opening new communication routes and crossing electrical or telephone lines; opening septic tanks or dumps for rubbish or debris; water diversion capture or any other hydraulic works; painting and whitewashing of existing or upcoming buildings or walls, as well as any changes to their ornamental elements; any other activities or work that affect the integrity and/or characteristics of the delimited area.”

“The authorization referred to in the previous number does not exempt any other conditions required by law nor does it prejudice the competence legally attributed to other entities”, concludes the same document.

Looks like we are going to have to live with this new road/tunnel for some while!

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