Porto Santo wants tourist tax for cruises

… and for holidaymakers from Madeira

Porto Santo wants tourist tax for cruises

Porto Santo wants to apply tourist tax to cruises according to the Diario this morning. The Mayor argues that ‘tax’ should also cover Madeirans who spend holidays in hotels on Ilha Dourada. The Association of Municipalities will debate the topic next week. 

This could be seen as wanting to run before you can walk as everybody clamours to climb onboard the tourist tax bandwagon. Firstly Porto Santo doesn’t even apply tourist taxes on accommodation at all at the moment, and secondly, few cruise ships visit Porto Santo for logistical reasons – the larger ones that visit anchor offshore and a few passengers might make the trip on a tender. Do you charge everybody?

I trust that when they discuss the matter next week they will accept that tourist tax, if levied too enthusiastically, can have an adverse effect on visitors, particularly when it is not applied evenly across the board.

When “Ecotax”, the forerunner of the more general tourist tax being proposed nowadays, started (only) in Santa Cruz many years ago it was €1 per adult for the first five days for the first two adults staying in accommodation in the municipality. Now it has moved to €2 per adult for the first seven nights, meaning that a party of six adults staying in a villa in Santa Cruz will pay €84 more than the same party staying just over the border in Santana or Funchal.

New weather forecast for Madeira?

Remarkably inaccurate weather forecasting by the main providers (BBC and IPMA, the Portuguese equivalent) over Christmas and New Year was replicated on this website and many others. It has occurred to me that there is a role for a more detailed expert forecast (even taking into account the microclimates that exist across the whole archipelago). However, this involves a small financial outlay and some work “behind the scenes” to expand the one below considerably.

The blog is not looking for any contribution as advertising revenues should cover it – just an indication of whether readers will find it helpful before making an on-going commitment.

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  1. Well in relation to this I think they should do since Porto Santo usually was a low season of tourists and that affects their economy during that period of time . And if this tourist tax applied to the Cruise Ships lets hope they can use this revenue money in their economy .


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