Mystery resignation letter?

No official correspondence from Pedro Calado

The PSD/CDS ruling coalition councillors of the Funchal Chamber stated today that, to date, they have not received the official resignation request from the mayor, the social democrat Pedro Calado, currently detained in Lisbon as part of the police investigation into corruption in Madeira.

“To date, no official request for resignation from Dr. Pedro Calado”, (has been received) say the five PSD/CDS councillors in information sent to the Lusa press agency.

In the same note, they add that “if this [resignation request] comes into effect, the executive of the Municipal Council of Funchal will take the necessary decisions to maintain the regular functioning of the institution”.

Normal institutional functions will continue

They also say they intend “until then, to reassure the people of Funchal”, ensuring that “the council continues to carry out its functions with absolute institutional normality”.

The majority of councillors in the main municipality of Madeira point out that all departments of the municipality “are operating regularly, in the same way that all services provided to citizens remain active and will continue without any type of disturbance”.

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One of yesterday’s blog posts covering Calado’s resignation

The mayor of Funchal, Pedro Calado (PSD), will resign from his position, after being detained as part of an investigation into suspected corruption in Madeira, his lawyer announced yesterday. “Yes, he will resign. He understood that it was the appropriate measure given the current circumstances”, lawyer Paulo Sá e Cunha told journalists, at the Justice Campus, in Lisbon.

The lawyer was speaking outside the Central Court of Criminal Instruction, on the Justice Campus, where legal proceedings to hear the three arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of corruption in Madeira, including the president of the Chamber of Funchal, began around 10:00, but without formally moving forward with the interrogation.

Lawyer Paulo Sá e Cunha confirmed Pedro Calado’s resignation from his position, explaining that the mayor “understood that in the current circumstances he should resign from the public position he holds”.

Pedro Calado’s representative assured that this decision to offer his resignation “is absolutely no manoeuvre” to avoid a more serious measure of coercion, namely preventive detention.

However, the PS/Madeira defended the holding of mid-term elections in the Funchal Chamber, opining that “the current executive, led by Pedro Calado, who, after his resignatio, is no longer able to remain in office and cannot continue to govern the city of Funchal”.

In the same note sent to Lusa, the PS considers that the remaining members of the current executive must also “renounce their respective functions, so that voters can choose the next president of the Chamber of Funchal at the polls”. Funchal City Council is made up of six members from the PSD/CDS and five from the coalition led by the PS (Socialists)

On Wednesday, following around 130 home and non-home searches carried out by the PJ, mainly in Madeira, but also in the Azores and in several areas of the continent, the president of the Funchal Chamber, Pedro Calado, the leader of the group, was arrested. construction company AFA, Avelino Farinha, and the CEO and main shareholder of the civil construction group Socicorreia, Custódio Correia, who is Avelino Farinha’s partner in several companies, according to an investigation source told Lusa.

The arrests of two businessmen and the mayor of Funchal followed an operation that also affected the president of the Regional Government (PSD/CDS-PP), Miguel Albuquerque, who was named a defendant and announced on Friday that he will abandon his position and tender his resignation, despite initially stating that he would not resign.

At issue are suspicions of active and passive corruption, economic participation in business, malfeasance, receiving or offering improper advantages, abuse of powers and influence peddling, according to the PJ.

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