More bad weather Tuesday

Yellow warnings returns

Orinal bad weather post last Sunday
Blog post, Sunday, January 7

With its automated news feed incorporating Google translate, the Madeira News website has picked up reports that the South Coast of Madeira and the Mountainous Regions will be under a yellow warning for precipitation, between 3 am and 12 pm on Tuesday, January 16th. Depression ‘Irene’ will cause strong winds and rain on the continent as well as Madeira over the first half of the coming week

This warning was issued by the Portuguese Weather Institute, IPMA, taking into account forecasts of periods of rain or showers, sometimes heavy, and may be accompanied by thunderstorms. We seem to be reading bad weather warnings like this from IPMA regularly just recently!

Also on the South Coast, Mountainous Regions and Porto Santo, a yellow warning for wind will be in force, valid between 3 am and 6 pm on Tuesday.

Another yellow warning for Wednesday

Finally, another yellow warning of more bad weather, this time regarding maritime unrest, which will be valid for the South Coast and Porto Santo. This notice occurs at 6:00 am on Tuesday and ends at 6:00 am on Wednesday, January 17th. 

The increase in sea agitation will also be significant, with waves in the western quadrant measuring 4 to 5 metres on both Wednesday and Thursday.

Don’t want to be too smug here, but the blog was predicting this spell of bad weather for the archipelago more than a week ago!

More bad weather Tuesday 1

all the Incidental News from Madeira ….

All the incidental news from Madeira – up to 60 reports per day – is being picked up automatically, google-translated, and instantly posted to our sister website, no matter how trivial:

More bad weather Tuesday 3

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5 thoughts on “More bad weather Tuesday”

  1. Left our favourite island very reluctantly after a wonderful month over Christmas & New year
    Temp was 22’ but on arrival at Birmingham 7.30 pm 1’
    Sadly to walk through the front door of Bungalow to 25-30mm of water throughout .
    The flood have nothing to do with madeira
    All to do with Wickes causing complete devastation on 7/8th January after fitting a new Bathroom October 2023
    Moral of the story ? Don’t use Wickes

    • Hi John, that is disgraceful. Were Wickes working unsupervised in your house? I.e. did they have unfettled access or was a friend/family member letting them in? Wickes plumbers must be liable for all damages as it was their responsibility to ensure all plumbing work was properly carried out.

      Pardon my French but you should sue their arses off.


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