Curral cable car ‘deal’ “smacks of corruption”

Albuquerque Cabinet had “alleged favouritism”

Curral cable car deal smacks of corruption says JPP

The Juntos Pelo Povo party (JPP: Together for the People) claims to have warned, from the beginning, of “a harmful situation for the Region’s coffers of the public tender for the Teleférico do Curral, a tender led by the Albuquerque Cabinet itself, which later pushed the procedure to the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation (IFCN), which, it should be noted, does not have the opinion of the Municipal Council of Câmara de Lobos”.

At a press conference held this morning, Élvio Sousa stated that “«this cable car business» smacks of corruption and alleged favouritism”. The JPP leader explains that the economic-financial feasibility study “paid by Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation, IFCN, itself to a company friendly to the Government’s business sector, Opção Divina, reveals that the return on investment is achieved in 18 years of operation, see the “China business”, the concession is made for 60 years, to continue to grow the company that won the competition, which will pay, remember, just 2 thousand euros per month and will earn 5.2 million euros per year”

The first signs of corruption

These very long deadlines favour private businesses, harm and penalize regional coffers, as Albuquerque is asked, if the return on investment is made in 18 years, why did they grant the concession for 60 years

Élvio Sousa, JPP

“And to further deepen the opacity of this business, the regional parliament refused to listen to the company responsible for the economic feasibility study and the Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and Environment itself, two relevant entities for fully clarifying this competition”, he concluded.

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3 thoughts on “Curral cable car ‘deal’ “smacks of corruption””

  1. Perhaps that’s why they are all now being investigated. They got over confident and flagrant . The cable car contract, as reported some time ago on this blog, really smelt fishy. They made the corruption just too obvious this time.

    • It may have been one more reason to start addressing the ongoing corruption in Madeira. But the operation is so big, that it is likely the train of events has been set in motion long before this news came out. It was clear from the get-go that the cable car story stinks to high heaven.

  2. while the secret cash economy continues in Madeira only the honest pay their fair share of taxes many companies offer two prices to people with and without iva one of my neighbours runs a small company he deals totally in cash pays min tax yet has a 40,000 euro pickup if the rich fiddle so will the poor


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