Cruise passengers will also pay tourist tax

Rapidly developing situation

Cruise passengers will also pay tourist tax

In the latest, very rapidly developing situation as various authorities fall over each other in the clamour to claim tourist tax in one form or another, it has emerged that cruise ship passengers will also pay the tourist tax, and the municipality (Funchal) will establish a protocol with the port authority, Portos da Madeira (APRAM), according to a report on the JM website this afternoon

The information is made available on the institutional platform of the Funchal City Council (CMF), on Facebook, in the aftermath of the municipality’s weekly meeting.

“Autarchy plans to raise around 12 to 13 million euros per year: numbers refer to around seven million overnight stays”, is added in the same space.

Cruise passengers will also pay tourist tax 1

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17 thoughts on “Cruise passengers will also pay tourist tax”

  1. A very selfish person who does not want to share the beauty of Madeira and conveniently forgets the income the ships and jobs the ships generate. Please stay away when ships visit.

    • It doesn’t matter what you or Jennifer think as you are IMMIGRANTS I.e. Aliens or Foreigners. It is NOT your island so whatever the local government decide is their decision NOT YOURS.

      The sooner Brits grasp the fact that the island belongs to the Portuguese and not the Brits the better.

  2. The obvious question that never seems to be answered is where or on what all this extra “tourist tax” income will be spent on and who has the authority and right to decide these matters?
    Ecological environmental conservation should take priority over yet more “Disneyland” types of new infrastructure works that all too often are political vanity white elephant projects.

  3. In the other day in the Madeira channel news this revenue from the tourist tax been agreed by Madeira government and 11 councils and will be spend in their one councils improving the local infrastructures and also to maintain green spaces and preservation and maintenance of green areas like parks and levadas and some part stays to the accommodation where tourists did stay .

    • If the tourist tax goes towards all those wonderfull things, that would be great for tourists and locals alike.
      However, if the spending of the original moneys will be (partly) replaced by de tourist tax money, that would be a different story.


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