Calado resigns as president of Funchal City Council

A common denominator among the other suspects

Pedro Calado, who has resignsed as president of Funchal City Council

Pedro Calado, president of Funchal City Council (Câmara Municipal do Funchal – CMF), has decided to resign from his position, according to the mainland newspaper Expresso.

Like Miguel Albuquerque, who has avoided being detained due to his immunity, Pedro Calado is being cited for no less than eight crimes stretching back over his mandates, including ‘attack against the state of democratic law, prevarication, undue receipt of advantage, passive corruption, active corruption, economic participation in business, abuse of power and trafficking of influences.

Prosecutors add that, as part of this relationship, Calado “acted, and still acts, as a common denominator for the other suspects” – serving as an “intermediary, in order to safeguard the interests of the AFA group with the Regional Government and the municipality of Funchal.”

Pedro Calado’s house and another €10,000 in banknotes at the residence of the mayor’s mother – who, authorities believe, acted as her son’s alleged “front man” as reported here earlier today.

Cash belonged to Calado’s wife

The cash discovered by the PJ at the residence of the mayor of Funchal belonged to his wife, according to JM’s website this Saturday afternoon.

Some national news organizations reported that during the searches PJ inspectors found €20 thousand in banknotes in Pedro Calado’s house and another €10 thousand in his mother’s house. Amounts that will belong to his wife, who is a doctor, accumulated in the exercise of her profession.

Today, at the entrance to the Justice Campus, in Lisbon, the mayor’s lawyer, Paulo Sá e Cunha, refused to make any comment on the situation, but was confident that he will “clarify all this”.

Regarding Pedro Calado’s state of mind, the lawyer said that “he has been looking at all this documentation, at the evidence he will now have to face and preparing the statements he will have to make”, noting that his client will be the last to make statements.

Lawyer Paulo Sá e Cunha, who is defending Pedro Calado, also criticized the delay for his constituent to be heard in the first interrogation

A report on CNN Portugal this afternoon says that the interrogations of the defendants in the Madeira corruption case have been postponed until Monday.

5 thoughts on “Calado resigns as president of Funchal City Council”

  1. The excuse for these large sums of ” under bed” stashes of money, seem to indicate ” tax evation” heaven for bid,tax evation in Madeira! After this root and branch clear out, Madeira should have cleanest politics in the WORLD.
    The short term,need is for the Island to have some political stability, and then for justice to run its course and these people be fairly tried by the justice system,not the media.

  2. Two observations here.
    1) he resigned from his jail cell
    2) he hasn’t used the excuse that he couldn’t bank the money,due to no branch network,that would be ” get you out of jail card,here in UK ”

    I’m getting quite a few friends texting me,who are getting very worried about their jobs, people who work for some of the commercial enterprises that are involved here, quite irrational concerns,but still their worries are not irrational too them.
    This needs to be sorted out soon, and either someone not tainted with this steps in and takes up,this poisoned chalis or a caretaker government made up of a coalition takes it on,until elections are called.

  3. Well the other option is that in the present situation the banks not offering anything to the clients he decide that the best situation was keep at home under the bed or buried in the ground .😁😁

  4. The trail for that would clear it up, who paid the cash,how did they get it and what was it for? How many patients would a doctor have to see,to accumulate 30k who pays a doctor,in their hand, etc, investigators will soon get to bottom of this, it could also be classed Isabel as ” money laundering” whatever the ” law of probabilities” is that its hooky money,one way or another.

    • And neither I was denying that at all some sense of humour since the situation in main land and the islands are all in the same situation . Where I live Sintra it is the opposite way the president of Sintra Basílio Horta still continues immune despite everything that is being doing and even hiding money under the floor or in is lover house and mother no one does anything and turn a blind eye .


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