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The President of the Republic announced over the weekend that Miguel Albuquerque’s resignation from the presidency of the Regional Government of Madeira means the fall of the regional executive, but again refused to anticipate scenarios regarding the possible dissolution of the archipelago’s parliament

Rafaela Fernandes

Publico, on the mainland quickly identified five possible successors to Albuquerque in Madeira including Rafaela Fernandes.

Rafaela Fernandes, Lino Tranquada Gomes, Manuel António Correia and Pedro Coelho are four possible successors to Miguel Albuquerque in leading the regional government. According to Expresso, the President of the Republic demands that the new executive not be “led by members of the regional government who have participated in decisions taken in recent years” or who are under investigation . However, Jorge Carvalho, current member of the Madeiran executive, is also highlighted as a hypothesis for Albuquerque’s succession.

Rafaela Fernandes has been a member of the regional government — she is the Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Environment — for just three months, so her profile fits the description allegedly preferred by Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa

The possibility of Rafaela Fernandes, currently Secretary of Agriculture and Environment, being chosen by the PSD-M to succeed Miguel Albuquerque as president of the Regional Government is viewed very favourably by PAN-M deputy, Mónica Freitas, whose reaction to the possibility of Rafaela Fernandes ascending to the presidency of the Regional Government

Woman in Albuquerque’s place would be “incredible” for PAN
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“It would be incredible” reacted the deputy who made the still president of the Regional Government retreat from the intransigence he had been expressing in recent days in not resigning from his position.

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  1. So the choice of a member of the same party as that, under investigation, resigned/not resigned/ resigned but not accepted, ex president is being described as very favourable by the Deputy leader of the minority party responsible for keeping the party of Albuqueque, who we still do not know if he has immunity from investigation, in power. The same minority supporting party who a few days ago said they would support the party whose leader is under suspicion, if another PSD-M politician was nominated. And I thought Sunak had problems.

  2. Well Sunak and the Tory Party will be having a lot of problems in the next general election and lets hope that this time people vote with their heads and some UK politicians stop thinking bring back Boris to save the party the next general elections . In the end of the day it is a mess in Madeira and Azores plus mainland . But it is a shame that in mainland didn’t made the same effort to raid the Sintra council also but the council is PS no under nothing is done .


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