A new reality in Madeira

Head of State, Rebelo de Sousa

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Speaking to journalists, the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa spoke, for the second time in the space of an hour and a half, about the political situation in Madeira – a new reality – now after it became known that Miguel Albuquerque had resigned from his position.

The head of state believes that Miguel Albuquerque’s resignation constitutes “a new reality”. “The president of the Regional Government of Madeira announced that he was ceasing to exercise his functions, which means the fall of the government. And, from this point, it is identical to what is happening at national level, the president’s departure means the cessation of functions of the entire Regional Government”, declared the head of State.

The President of the Republic announced today that Miguel Albuquerque’s resignation from the presidency of the Regional Government of Madeira means the fall of the regional executive
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The President of the Republic, however, once again refused to anticipate scenarios about the political future in Madeira, remembering that, constitutionally, it is up to the representative of the Republic in the archipelago to make decisions.

In his case, added Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, the power he holds to dissolve the regional legislative assembly can only be exercised within two months, as the six-month period following the last election is still running.

The current political crisis in Madeira, caused by judicial investigations affecting the regional executive headed by Miguel Albuquerque, arose at a time when, in the next two months, until March 24, the dissolution of the Regional Legislative Assembly cannot be officially decreed.

It is article 172 of the Constitution that determines that no Assembly can be dissolved “within six months following its election”.

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Faced with the national political crisis that opened with the resignation of the Prime Minister, António Costa, on November 7th, the President of the Republic announced on November 9th that he would dissolve parliament and schedule early legislative elections for March 10th.

The legislative elections were announced four months in advance – with António Costa remaining at the head of a Government in management during that period and until the new executive took office – and were only officially convened more than two months later, on January 15, when the Assembly of the Republic was dissolved.

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  1. In the current situation Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, cant do absolute nothing because of provisional government and only after the elections anything can be done and that apply to the Madeira government and Azores also what a complete mess it seems will elections again to everyone

  2. Well voting or not in the same Party what it is problem ? At least that party done more to the region than the mainland that many times ignore and abandoned the Madeira problems .

  3. Isabel, I believe that prosperity is driven by the private sector, Governments can help or hinder, neither politicians or Civil Servants are of the same mind set, as the man with an idea and drive. Don’t assume it’s always the business man who instigates the wrong doing. I have two friends who have had to sit and wait municipal permission to commence schemes. The question is not what the party in power has done but how much more could the party have done for Madeira, assuming the allegations are correct, if they had put Madeira first, rather than their cronies and selves. I’m not holding the UK up as an example. I look back at the last crop of Conservative and Liberal politicians, many considerably richer than before they entered politics. We’ve just made one a Baron and now Foreign Minister, who lobbied for Greensill, a company he had share options in to receive Government backing and subsequently went bust. I haven’t included Labour Party politicians but both Blair and Kinnock certainly made hay while the sun shone.


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