Political confusion still dominates

Albuquerque cannot resign, Calado has done!

Political confusion still dominates 14

Albuquerque’s resignation and the fall of the government will only be official after publication in the Diário da República. The constitution states that the … Read more

Albuquerque succession

Five possibilities

Albuquerque succession 19

The President of the Republic announced over the weekend that Miguel Albuquerque’s resignation from the presidency of the Regional Government of Madeira means the fall of the regional … Read more

New President takes office?

… and Albuquerque’s successor selected today

New President takes office

The headline of today’s edition of JM reports on a confidential meeting that was captured by the newspaper which took place yesterday morning at … Read more

Curral das Freiras protest march

Concensus to delay Albuquerque’s departure

After the recent political upheavals, there is hopefully a stronger chance that the proposed cable car in the Nuns Valley will be shelved, with more … Read more

First woman president of Funchal

… as further delays beset questioning of corruption suspects

First woman president of Funchal 51

The headline of today’s edition of JM highlights that the defendants in the judicial operation that swept Madeira and several areas … Read more

Turn the page …

… after Albuquerque’s removal

Page - turning headline in the Diario

There is a turning point, a new page, in the political panorama of Madeira according to one of its leading newspapers, which reports that Miguel Albuquerque was … Read more


Praia Formosa, Curral Cable Car, “Dubai in Madeira”developments all involved?

JM lead with a headline covering the storm that wiped out public services from the Government and the Funchal City Council yesterday.

No guessing what is making headlines in the local press this morning! JM lead with a headline covering the “storm” … Read more

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