Tourists risking lives again

Strong maritime agitation

It must be that time of year again, with Christmas approaching and too much Poncha causing tourists to throw caution to the wind and decide it is perfectly safe and logical to dice with death in the waves at Praia Formosa.

Over more than sixteen years managing this blog I have lost count of how many incidents there have been – not just at Praia Formosa – where lives have been risked, sometimes fatally, The lifeguards stood down a few weeks ago, and people must see sense and stay away from danger.

The photo opposite appeared on the JM website yesterday, with the observation; “these are impressive photographs that show the lurking danger. Even so, the strong maritime agitation that is felt in the Region today did not stop many tourists from venturing into the rough sea, as shown in these images”.

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8 thoughts on “Tourists risking lives again”

  1. Admin, As far as I know and as the locals know, this area is very dangerous for swimming because of the very strong current. Why are there no signs to warn people or even lifeguards, as Madeira is an all-year-round holiday destination?

  2. You could put signs up in multiple languages but people will ignore them(just as they do so when trails in the mountains are closed) as they are on holiday and nobody is going to spoil it from them. Apart from mother nature that is.

    If these people are stupid enough to go play in the rough sea and drown that is their lookout. I will never she’d a tear over them

    • Having a dangerous spot with strong currents and about 40 incidents a month without warning signs is as reckless, as people going into a rough sea.

      The currents are probably there even if the ocean looks calm.


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