Tourist taxes open to discussion

Cruise ships to stay longer?

Tourist taxes under discussion again

The Autonomous Region will open a discussion on tourist taxes according to Rui Barreto, Regional Secretary for the Economy. The implementation of a regional tourist tax will have to be “widely analyzed and discussed”, he tells JM. The government official admits to considering taxing cruise ship passengers (as reported here over the last few days, and also those arriving on the island by air. Whatever happens the subject of tourist taxes in one form or another will be here for a while.

Cruise ships to stay longer?

Tourist taxes open to discussion 1

However, he understands that the debate around the topic will be essential to decide the “strategic direction for tourism”. An interesting new angle here was mentioned in one of the trade journals last week, with cruise ship operators discussing the possibility of vessels spending longer in port, with fewer stop-offs in their itinerary – effectively adopting more of a “hotel” model.

Lugar de Baixo renaturalisation problem

The JM front page also highlights the renaturalization with no end in sight. The Lugar de Baixo marina continues to be a source of problems. The dates indicated to complete the renaturalization of the space were successively postponed. There is now no deadline for returning the site to the population.

Blog post from June last year

10 thoughts on “Tourist taxes open to discussion”

  1. Lugar de Baixo a classic example of how to throw good money after bad for zero benefits to anyone except maybe a select few contractors. Sadly my fear is any revenue raised from proposed tourist taxes could well end up being used to line the pockets of certain contractors and developers in similar white elephant projects.

  2. 750 million people live in Europe.

    If you only want a short-hall flight and winter sun your current choices are the Canary Islands or Madeira.

    Tourism to Madeira is only going to increase as people become more aware of our island.

    In addition long-haul flights and other destinations such as Thailand have become much more expensive.

    • Are you one of the rich and fortunate who assumes everyone can afford a holiday in the Canary Islands and maderia ? There are much cheaper and closer options than Thailand, such as Morocco and Egypt, both of which offer winter sun at a very good price and are easily accessible from Europe.

    • Why do you think the bubble will burst. I can’t see the mooted 2 Euros levy, the price of a coffee, on cruise passengers making a huge difference. Far more damaging, the publicity and the word tax.


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