Surge in ‘white lung syndrome’

Chilling similarities to the beginnings of Coronavirus

white lung syndrome

MSN News reports on a surge in ‘white lung syndrome’ after China is ordered to release more data.

Pneumonia cases in children are reaching ‘epidemic levels’ in Denmark, reported in the Daily Mail here last week, with chilling similarities to the beginnings of Coronavirus.

‘White lung syndrome’ pneumonia – nicknamed due to how the lung damage shows up on scans – is caused by mycoplasma pneumonia, a bacterial infection that many antibiotics cannot fight.

The Netherlands also reported a worrying increase in children with pneumonia, and Sweden is being affected as well. The disease spreads through coughing, sneezing talking, singing and breathing – through tiny respiratory droplets.

Normally, the mycoplasma pneumoniae causes only mild flu-like symptoms – it’s also referred to as ‘walking pneumonia’. The sickness can’t always be treated with antibiotics, however, making it more dangerous for younger children.

Hospitals in China are said to be overwhelmed, coming as Beijing is battling a related disease which is causing dangerous inflammation in the lungs of children similar to white lung syndrome. Face masks and social distancing have already been recommended across China as the sickness spreads and overwhelms hospitals.

The World Health Organisation has demanded fresh data from China about hospitalisations.

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  1. You can bet that the media will jump on the band waggon and write sensationalist stories about this, just to make money, scaring their readers in the process. I reverted to a trusted source of information during the covid-19 pandemic, Dr. John Campbell, who has a very interesting Youtube-channel, where he analyses what´s going on, usiing dry figures and analysis instead of emotions and sensation. There turns out to be a strong correlation between vitamin A deficiency and catching this disease. Instead of panicking, it is worth watching his channel here:


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