Shortage of gyms

343 flights in four days

Shortage of gyms makes the headlines

There are around 17,000 Madeirans enrolled in gyms. The practice of sports indoors has increased but is still far from meeting the desired level of demand according to today’s addition of JM. The regional delegation of Associação Portugal Activo identifies 37 gym spaces in Madeira and a growing demand after the pandemic.

Free viewpoints in demand

The front page also highlights the best places to see the fireworks without paying. Viewpoints, parks and roads on the hillside above Funchal are attractive and free spots to watch the New Year’s Eve spectacle. 

Stores selling fireworks for private use are reporting high demand according to the newspaper.

343 flights in four days

343 flights in four days is another important topic in this edition. Madeira Airport currently receives planes from 14 countries. From Lisbon alone, 15 arrivals are scheduled. November continues to increase in overnight stays according to the newspaper.

Shortage of gyms 1

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