New Madeira Tourist Information Office

… opens in Lisbon today

New Madeira Tourist Information Office 1

4:00 pm today sees the opening ceremony of the new Madeira Tourist Information Office (PIT) in Lisbon, at Rua Nova do Almada 55 and 57, in Chiado.

Since 2009, the Autonomous Region did not have a physical space to promote the Madeira destination in Lisbon.

The choice of the location for the Madeira Tourist Information Office in Lisbon had the collaboration of the Lisbon City Council, being located on an artery in the heart of Chiado, considered one of the most prestigious places with a large influx of tourists in the capital.

In reality, the place underwent adaptation and improvement works, so that it could do justice to the authenticity, richness and diversity that the archipelago has to offer.

In addition to tourist information about the Madeira destination, the new Madeiran space in Lisbon will offer themed weeks, based on tourist posters, and will organize cultural events, as well as gastronomic experiences with representation from Madeiran chefs.

It also aims to be the preferred space for exhibitions by Madeiran artists, as well as training activities for Trade and events with Madeira Ocean & Trails Ambassadors, among others.

The Lisbon PIT will be open every day, between 10 am and 7 pm.

New Madeira Tourist Information Office 3

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  1. Well this will be a blow out for Helen Davis that doesn’t want any tourist visiting Madeira and for the local people become economic and social destitutes.


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