New AL registration deadline extended

… due to website traffic

The following communication has just been received from Turismo de Portugal, extending the deadline for submission of registration on the new AL portal.

New AL registration deadline extended
New AL registration deadline extended 1
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3 thoughts on “New AL registration deadline extended”

  1. This is what happens if you let true bureaucrats make up yet another useless rule. They made it so complicated that a normal person simply can´t fulfill the requirements on his own. Also, the public was informed very late and the notice was very short. So now their own systems can´t handle the traffic and another bureaucrat has written a text like the one above that is hardly possible to understand in Portuguese, and worse if you have a machine translate it afterwards. Laughable really.

    • Complete right about the translation thing many times my British husband try to translate and it is complete laughable it is difficulty for anyone that doesn’t know the language or even knows a little bit and even for me that been many years living the UK sometimes Portuguese is difficult also .


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