Madeiran defrauded of €13,000

Man dies on maritime tourist vessel

Madeiran defrauded of €13,000 headline

‘Madeiran defrauded of 13 thousand euros’ is today’s headline in the JM. A woman saw more than €13,000 disappear from her bank account in two days. It happened precisely four years ago. The case, now postponed until January, is dragging on in court. No more details are given

Man dies on maritime tourist vessel

‘Woman injured after hit and run in Camcha’ and ‘Man with sudden illness on a sailboat ended up dying’ are two more headlines on the front page. In the latter instance a man assisted today, on a vessel docked at the Funchal marina, as JM reported at around 2:30 pm, ended up passing away. The local command of the Funchal Maritime Police took charge of the incident.

He is understood to be of English nationality, aged 65, who was stricken with a sudden illness.“The victim was assisted by EMIR, and it was not possible to reverse the situation. Death was declared at the scene by the Health Delegate, and the body was transported to the Funchal Medical-Legal and Forensic Office. The Maritime Police Psychology Office has been activated and is providing support to the victim’s family”, adds the Navy.

“The alert was received at 2:14 pm, through the Regional Civil Protection Service, informing that an individual who was on board the maritime-tourist vessel had fallen victim to a sudden illness, elements of the Command were immediately activated to the Funchal marina as well as the Rapid Intervention Medical Team (EMIR)”, is mentioned in the statement.

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Três Paus

The newspaper publishes another weekend feature under the Lost and Found section. This time, JM reporters went to Três Paus (cover photo), in the high areas of Santo António (I won’t replicate a Google translate of this!). YouTube video of Três Paus here.

Christmas markets everywhere!

The Christmas season continues to be highlighted in JM. ‘Machico invites you to visit a typical village’, ‘Santa Cruz opens market nights’, ‘São Martinho promotes a little market in Lido’ and ‘Father Christmas has already arrived in Ponta do Sol’, are the highlighted themes.

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