Half a century of Autonomy celebrated in three years

Air freight success story

Half a century of Autonomy celebrated in three years - today's headline in JM

The celebrations of the 50th anniversary of Madeira’s Autonomy will justify the creation of a commission according to a report in JM this morning. The project will be presented by the PSD parliamentary group and encompasses a program of celebrations that will run until 2026. To the newspaper, Jaime Filipe Ramos points out the objective of marking the date and recognizing “events and participants”.

The front page also highlights a successful operation, with an air freight company having transported 3,000 tons in 2023. Madeira Air Integrated Solutions makes a very positive assessment of the current year and already envisages a connection between the archipelagos in 2024.

The same newspaper section has a story about Timeshare, which “has lost strength but continues to be a business”.

Half a century of Autonomy celebrated in three years 1

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2 thoughts on “Half a century of Autonomy celebrated in three years”

  1. Ahhhh. This PSD again. Very proud of themselves. And of course, the Jornal da Madeira, the mouthpiece of the regional PSD-M government, does not mention that 50 years of autonomy also means 50 years of ongoing corruption and nepotism. And highlighting the ‘successful air freight operation’ conveniently does not mention the corrupt fail of honest competition where sea freight is concerned, as the PSD, financed by the Grupo Sousa, has successfully and deliberately killed the ferry that allowed economic transport of goods and private cars to and from the continent. Shame on the PSD-M!


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