Curral cable car will cost €47m

Operation underway to save Porto Santo palms

Curral cable car will cost €47m  headline in the local press this morning

Curral cable car will cost 47 million is the headline in the Diario this morning. The region will receive €27 million until 2084, as concession costs. It has also been announced that the project plans to create 40 jobs.

The same newspaper reports that the Juntos Pelo Povo (JPP) party released, this Tuesday, on its website , the feasibility study of the Curral das Freiras Cable Car project. 

In a new press release, signed by the party leader, Élvio Sousa, it is stated that the disclosure of “all the documentary pieces that support the investment in the controversial Curral Cable Car” aims, above all, “to continue the policy of scrutinizing public affairs which has been JPP’s hallmark”

Curral cable car will cost €47m 1

In the same note, Élvio Sousa recalls that at stake is “a 50-year concession with a further 10 years as an option, which will yield to the Regional Government, at the end of this period, a ridiculous amount of 1.4 million euros”. 

Based on the Curral cable car feasibility study, the JPP leader highlights annual revenue of 5.1 million euros, representing a total of 306 million euros over 60 years. “The Regional Government of Madeira, which guaranteed the expropriation of more than 20 thousand metres of land from the private sector, receives only 1.6% of the revenue. Very little for so much revenue!”, he maintains. 

Operation underway to save Porto Santo palms

A “mega-operation” is reported to be underway to save palm trees on the golden island. Scarab plague is affecting the existing community in Porto Santo. Forestry Institute went to Spain to buy insecticide to decimate insects.

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