Christmas lights turned on

Traditional crowds make the first night busy – video

Christmas lights turned on

Thousands travelled to downtown Funchal and the ‘amphitheatre’ of the bay to see the Christmas lights, which were turned on last night, the first day of December. Car parking was certainly at a premium in the city centre.

According to the Diario, In addition to the traditional tours on foot to see the city’s colours up close, others preferred the comfort of a car to see the lights, meaning there is a large volume of vehicles circulating in downtown Funchal. As already reported, around 1.6 million lamps light up Funchal today, kicking off the Christmas and New Year festivities. 

As is usual in this area, the traditional Christmas Market stalls on Placa Central on Avenida Arriaga, are also making the area very busy. 

Christmas lights turned on 1

Christmas Market opening hours:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 10:00/00:00
  • Friday and Saturday – 10am/1am
  • December 24th – 10am/6pm
  •  December 23rd, 30th and 31st – 10am/4am

The lights will be switched on every day, until the 7th of January, between 6pm and 1am, except for the 25th and 30th of December, when they will be switched off at 4am, and on the 23rd, 24th and 31st of December which They will only go off at 6 am. 

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