Basic food prices still rising

… despite Zero VAT initiative

Basic food prices still rising is the headline in the press today

The headline of today’s edition of JM highlights rising food prices. Even though the items analysed are exempt from VAT until the end of the year under the government’s Zero IVA initiative, the majority of those that make up the food basket continue to register a sharp rise in prices. 

Since April, the food price increase has reached 10 euros. Among the products that increased the most in price were olive oil (+64%), chickpeas (+20%), turkey meat (+10.1%) or noodles (+49%).

Funchal’s municipal budget has been approved against the opposition’s wishes.

Interesting manoeuvre on the Rapida

This Tuesday, a light vehicle entered the wrong lane on the highway, in the access located under the runway at Madeira Airport, in the direction of Machico – Santa Cruz.

Based on the images, which have been shared on social media, it is assumed that, instead of moving forward in the acceleration lane, the driver turned to the left, heading in the opposite direction and surprising oncoming traffic driving towards the municipality of Santa Cruz.

Realizing that he was driving in the wrong direction, the driver reversed and continued on as if nothing had happened.

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