Autonomy: a framework of dialogue

… between the governments” of the Republic and Madeira

Autonomy: a framework of dialogue, reported in the Diario

In an interview with the Diario today, Pedro Nuno Santos, The candidate for the Socialist party’s national leadership, defends autonomy as a framework of “dialogue between the governments” of the Republic and Madeira. 

He is in the Region today to present his global strategy motion and will be received by the newly elected president of the Socialists in Madeira (PS-M), Paulo Cafôfo. 

Madeira’s “effervescent economy”

Still relating to the subject of autonomy, he biggest graphic highlight on the first page goes to a lot of blue suits headlined”Effervescent economy with an impact on companies”. António Horta-Osório, speaker of the 34th edition of the ‘500 Greatest’ reported here yesterday, defended a serious discussion in Portuguese society before the elections, leaving warnings and ideas. 

The initiative took place yesterday at the Savoy Palace. Afavias received the award for Biggest and Best Company in Madeira in 2022.

Autonomy: a framework of dialogue 1

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