Ships take position early

British ships favoured!

Ships take position early

Jaime observes from his privileged position that of those ships due in port today, the “ British “ contingent seems to have been favoured by the port … Read more

Ronaldo already in Madeira

… “dodging” waiting fans

Ronaldo dodged fans waiting at Madeira Airport

Cristiano Ronaldo is already in Madeira, where he arrived early in the morning according to the Diario, to celebrate his mother’s birthday and New Year’s Eve … Read more

Ryanair cuts begin

Manchester flights reduced

Ryanair cuts begin, illustrated by flight availability

Evidence is beginning to emerge that Ryanair is carrying out its threat to cut back on the number of flights scheduled for Madeira – and the action … Read more

More deaths on the roads

Ronaldo on his way home to Madeira

More deaths on the roads in Madeira

During the last six months, there were more accidents, injuries and deaths on Madeira’s roads -the topic makes headlines in today’s Diario, explaining … Read more

Shortage of gyms

343 flights in four days

Shortage of gyms makes the headlines

There are around 17,000 Madeirans enrolled in gyms. The practice of sports indoors has increased but is still far from meeting the desired level of … Read more

Phone scam warning

English language phone call

Phone scam graphic

The Portugal Nerws reports that following an increase in reports of Portuguese people receiving phone scams, or telephone calls that result in fraud, the Public Security … Read more

House sales slow

Volta à Cidade

House sales slow headline

Unusually, both local papers share the same headline this morning, as the Diario confirms that house sales are slowing down in Madeira. This is the conclusion we … Read more

Half earn less than €10k pa

House sales declining

Half earn less than €10k pa - headline in JM

IRS declarations for 2021 show that more than 78,000 workers in Madeira earn a gross annual income below €10,000. Among this large share were those who received … Read more

Six-year-old put on wrong flight

… but his luggage arrived

Six-year-old put on wrong flight 82

Various sources report that a six-year-old unaccompanied minor boarded the wrong flight in the States last week, making a holiday trip look more like a … Read more

Tax evasion on the rise

Good weather for New Year’s Eve

Tax evasion on the rise

“Tax evasion on the rise” makes the headlines in today’s Diario. The GNR detected, between January and November, 79% more infringements on goods in … Read more

Animals visit Aldeia Natal

Child therapy highlighted

Animals visit Aldeia Natal

Both local paper report on animals featuring at theAldeia Natal (Christmas Village), in Praça do Município in the centre of Funchal, yesterday.

The animals were brought brought … Read more

2.5 magnitude earthquake this morning

135 drivers arrested over weekend

Earthquake being rcorded on a seismograph

An earthquake measuring 2.5 on the Richter scale was recorded in the early hours of this Tuesday, at 02:11:52, in the area designated as ‘Madeira-Tore’, … Read more

Air Force crew praised

… as they spend Christmas on standby

Air Force crew praised

This December 25th, the Portuguese Air Force praises the dedication of those who spend Christmas away from their family to do a greater … Read more

Cloudy Christmas Day

“Heavy Cloudiness” forecast

Cloudy Christmas Day 111

This Monday, Christmas Day, the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA)predicts skies for Madeira with periods of heavy cloudiness and showers, most … Read more

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