Tropical nights becoming more common

Ponta Delgada road progress

Tropical night in Funchal

Tropical nights are an increasingly recurring phenomenon throughout the year in the Madeira Archipelago, the Diario reports, observing that they occur outside summer.

Over the last few days, Madeira has been faced with very significant values ​​of surface air temperature recorded after yet more ‘tropical nights’, defines as those in which the minimum air temperature does not drop below 20 ºC.

The tropical temperatures recorded last Monday night are not an isolated episode at this time of year. Less frequent at this time of year is the air temperature reaching such significant values, as was the case with the 26.0 ºC recorded during the early hours in Ponta do Sol/Lugar de Baixo, and even the 24.1 ºC recorded in Funchal/Observatório.

Tropical night values ​​on nine of the last 21 days

Only in this month of November, until yesterday, the network of Automatic Meteorological Stations (EMA) of the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) in the Madeira Archipelago – currently with 18 active EMAs on the island of Madeira and 1 in Porto Santo – recorded minimum temperatures with tropical night values ​​on nine of these 21 days.

Where this is most common is in Porto Moniz, Ponta do Sol/Lugar de Baixo, Funchal/Lido, and Santa Cruz/Airport.

In Porto Moniz there were five tropical nights experienced this month: day 2/20.5 ºC; 10/20.4 ºC; 12/20.4 ºC; 13/20.5 ºC; 15/20.1 ºC. In Ponta do Sol/Lugar de Baixo: 11/20.3 ºC; 21/21.5 ºC. Funchal/Lido: 2/20.0 ºC; 3/20.6 ºC; 21/20.6 ºC. Santa Cruz/Airport: 13/20.5 ºC; 16/20.1 ºC.

Tropical nights becoming more common 1
Blog, Dec 2020

Ponta Delgada road progress

Yesterday afternoon, Regional President Miguel Albuquerque, visited the ongoing works on the road in Ponta del Garda affected by the bad weather at Christmas 2020.

During the visit, he said that he wants to reopen ER211, between São Vicente and Ponta Delgada, which was damaged and inoperable following the 2020 Christmas Day storm, is expected to reopen to car traffic next summer, by which time road rehabilitation works should be completed in value of €6.4 million. 

“We will open this road in the summer because it is an important project, not only for local accessibility but also as a tourist road. It is an iconic road in Madeira, with beautiful views”, said the official, who highlighted the magnitude of the undertaking, which involved the reconstruction of a section of the road that completely collapsed (Sítio dos Lagares), the dismantling of an unstable embankment and the construction of a solid concrete wall and a protection zone due to the risk of landslides.

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