Santa Cruz claims €1m IMI from airport

“Council tax” due over the last 8 years

IMI headline

The Santa Cruz City Council has already done the math and issued the Municipal Property Tax (IMI) invoices in relation to Madeira Airport according to JM. Municipal President Filipe Sousa intends to receive €143,000 in outstanding IMI for each of the last eight years. In total, the Municipality claims more than one million euros. The process continues for execution if there is no payment by December 21st.

The newspaper also reports on a man who confessed to crimes and later denied everything. A 44-year-old individual was accused of several thefts in the highlands and Nazaré. Yesterday, in court, he declared himself innocent, even after admitting guilt when stopped by the PSP. 

In another case, those accused of drug trafficking in Caniçal allege only selling small quantities.

Ryanair surrenders 30% of its passengers in Madeira

Santa Cruz claims €1m IMI from airport 1

JM also continues with the story that has run over the last few days, that Ryanair has declared war on the French airport authority ANA, and calculates that the airline has effectively given up 30% of its passengers in Madeira.

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